Saturday, May 18th, 2024

Preparing for my first solo adventure!

I’m not entirely sure when I decided I’d like to try travelling alone.

I think, looking back, it was a number of things that persuaded me.

All in all, the desire was strong enough for me to plan it & then book it.

And here I am, packed & ready to go.

I no longer feel the need to lug an enormous suitcase around, which subsequently brings longer, unnecessary hanging around at the airport, when you could be getting on with your trip.

There’s also an inner smugness when you’re the one escaping from the arrival airport first, as you watch your fellow passengers make their way in a mad rush to the baggage reclaim only to wait for ages for their luggage to appear….if it appears at all!

I’ve slowly perfected the art of minimalist packing! And believe me, it’s liberating!

Having discovered the airline ( free ) hold allowance I went on to Amazon & purchased the perfect little tardis ( esque ) bag.

It has wheels & you can also wear it as a backpack.

This will be our third trip together!

Just one week in Greece. Island hopping.

Three islands this time, in preparation for a longer trip next year.

Call it a recce!

The night before my departure was restless. I kept thinking about all the things that could possibly go wrong!

Your imagination is always worse at night isn’t it.

I imagined perils at every corner.

I gave myself a firm talking to & reminded myself of all the things that will go right!

By daylight, excitement had taken over where trepidation had left off!

I was going to have a good time, whatever happened.

‘Sometimes our greatest enemy is self doubt’.

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