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Masculinity can be described as a set of behaviours, attributes and roles associated with men and boys. Breadwinner, provider, leader, self-sufficient, and successful are just a few of the traits that come to mind.Whilst all these qualities are admirable, it’s a rather tall order that places a lot of pressure on the men of today - from adolescent boys trying to find their way in the world to men much later in life. Whilst men are fixating on living up to society’s expectations, are they really giving themselves the opportunity to know themselves? It goes for everyone really, if you

So fortunate we are to live in an age where every day we witness unprecedented advancements in medicine, technology, and science. No generation before now has had access to such groundbreaking innovations aimed at enhancing our health and wellbeing.Yet, despite this remarkable progress, we find ourselves amidst a global medical crisis with conditions like obesity and mental health disorders looming large. The convenience of such advancements often tempts us into sedentary lifestyles and reliance on ultra-processed foods, wreaking havoc on our health span.Could it be that we’ve dug ourselves a hole without even realising it? Can you recognise what’s really

For those who keep up with the latest health developments, ‘biohacking’ won’t be a new phrase for you. For those who are not, ‘biohacking’ is the practice of using technology and biology to optimise your health, performance, and wellbeing.Biohacking encompasses different approaches, techniques and methods - from nutrition (diet, supplements, genetic factors) to lifestyle (sleep, exercise, stress management) to technology that can track and monitor biometric data or ‘biomarkers’ (heart rate, blood sugar levels, sleep patterns, activity levels) and even beyond that into the realms of cognitive exercises and medical treatments.Biohacking is beneficial because it empowers individuals to take control

More now than ever people are prioritising their health and wellness. As consumers in general, we’re more informed about our lifestyle choices and purchases. There’s a whole world of technology available to track and monitor various health and fitness aspects and businesses are putting more focus on workplace wellbeing.With this at the forefront of everybody’s minds, it’s serendipitous and fortunate for us that Ü Health & Wellness have brought the emerging healthcare discipline that is Lifestyle Medicine to Kent and the South East. From what we’ve learnt so far, it is – quite literally – life-altering and something that everyone

When we Googled images of an osteopath clinic, as you’d maybe expect, we saw a dour white room with an uncomfortable-looking therapy bed, a life-sized skeleton model standing lifelessly in the corner and a pitiful clock hanging on the wall… The Sevenoaks Clinic urges you to dispel these dated preconceptions.Think, instead, of a chic space nestled inside one of Sevenoaks’ finest lifestyle and fitness studios with mirrored walls, wooden floors, plants hanging from the ceiling and a rack of weights and exercise balls lining the room *love heart eyes*. Could it be that The Sevenoaks Clinic have breathed new life

"Congratulations!” … “I’m so proud of you!” … “You’re doing amazing!” …I’m sure you have no problem with saying this to your friends, family and children when they’ve accomplished something fantastic. But do you ever reward yourself for YOUR achievements?Sadly, many of us are crippled with embarrassment when compliments are bestowed upon us or cringe at the very idea of public recognition for fear of looking boastful or pompous.But there’s one lady out there who is hellbent on changing that narrative by encouraging people to not shy away from their spectacular achievements but celebrate them instead - no matter how

It's finally here!We are THRILLED to bring to you 'The ULTIMATE Christmas Gift Guide'.From stocking-stuffers to generous gifting, it's all here. And, of course, every item, every retailer we've included is from our wonderful Sevenoaks community.So, without further ado, we implore you to browse, feel inspired and support your local shops!Happy shopping!DOWNLOAD HERE: The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2023 P.S. There's still time to get involved! Simply contact Steph Harrison at steph881@hotmail.com.

To celebrate the launch of Get A Drip Sevenoaks, we're inviting you (and your friends) to join us for a VIP afternoon of wellness 🥳 Sip on a glass of bubbly and try out our Cryo Chamber (it’s the talk of the town) for free! Got a question about IV therapy? Ask an expert in our drop-in clinic where we’ll be holding mini consultations with our registered nurses. PLUS, grab exclusive offers on the night (not available anywhere else) and get to know new friends and businesses in our buzzing community. See you there? GRAB YOUR FREE TICKET HERE.What’s included in your

By 2025, it’s estimated that the global wellness industry will be worth an eye-watering £5.7 trillion (yes, that’s trillion with a capital T!!). It’s little wonder that huge amounts of time and resource are being pumped into the industry to bring some much-coveted treatments to the main market.IV Vitamin Drips have sky-rocketed in popularity – for good reason – and are showing no signs of slowing down. Previously available only by referral from a GP or privately acquired by the elite A-list, IV therapy is now accessible and affordable for all and you don’t need to have a medical issue