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Word has got out that cryotherapy is a HUGE hit amongst celebrities and world-class athletes alike, from all over the world. From our local sports heroes right through to the Hollywood A-list, cryo-mania is spreading like wildfire and is showing no signs of slowing down amongst celebrities and athletes who use cryotherapy.We’ve pulled together a list of famous faces who’ve publicly sworn by the benefits of cryotherapy. First of all, what is cryotherapy? Now, for the science bit….. Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, has quickly amassed a huge amount of popularity and publicity due to the health and overall well-being benefits it

Building a dream body is an aspiration for many. With the rising pressures of social media, to being our own worst critics, achieving that physical goal can often be a challenging journey. Whether it is hitting plateaus in your fitness routine, or struggling to overcome a trouble zone (lower abdominal, buttocks, and thighs to name a few) despite hours rinsing reps in the gym, a jump start to boosting strength and definition would come as a welcome option to many.That option is now a reality thanks to the latest high-tech treatment that is EMS Medisculpt. An innovative body-sculpting machine that offers

Common vitamin and mineral deficiencies Every day your body depends on numerous vitamins and minerals to function optimally. However, when you fall deficient in one or more of these, your body functions at a sub-optimal level, increasing your risk of illness or disease and you may begin to recognise the symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiency. Vitamins and minerals aid your body in completing all its most critical physiological processes.A well-balanced diet should provide you with all the nutrients you need to prevent vitamin inadequacy. However, when your diet is not well balanced, or you are unable to absorb all the

Which IV Drip could enhance your health and wellness Cryojuvenate started its vitamin journey late in 2018 by adding wellness infusions and injections, and oh what a journey it has been!  We have many loyal and in-need clients, in particular, those who require an NHS B12 injection (hydroxocobalamin)…….and of course we continue to offer this and other wellness-boosting treatments. Introducing INTRAVITA Almost 3 years later we are changing!  It’s absolutely nothing to worry about, we will now be offering the favoured ‘INTRAVITA’ vitamin IV Drips and Booster Shots. It’s a long story, but in a nutshell, we want to keep our offering fresh

Autoimmune disease – why you may consider cryotherapy If you have an autoimmune disease why would you consider cryotherapy is a great question?  Your body’s immune system does an incredible job at protecting you from illness, disease and infection. However, sometimes an unknown trigger can cause your immune system to create an autoimmune response. This is where, instead of producing antibodies to fight off infection or illness, the immune system produces antibodies that attack your healthy cells. It basically becomes a little confusing. This can occur in almost any part of the human body (NIH., 2016). What causes an autoimmune disease? It is

A chance to escape from the grind of everyday modern life, and a welcome respite from technology and screens. Let us introduce you to Camp Kindling. A forest retreat for families packed full of wild adventures and wilder parties, among the company of like minded people. Described as ‘utopian’, this experience lets your inhibitions break free and is one that will certainly provide a generous dose of life-affirming inspiration to each and every individual that attends. Engineered and managed by Lee and Julia, the delightful duo created Camp Kindling in response to the fulfilment they experienced at festivals and the enchantment

Great Comp Garden near Sevenoaks has received nearly £50,000 in National Lottery support to help address the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on heritage work and to continue to offer a horticultural space that helps promote wellbeing. 

Are you looking to lose your lockdown weight gain? Sevenoaks District Council is promoting free one-to-one and group weight loss support sessions with One You Kent advisors

Former Sevenoaks general practitioner Dr Anne Rodway died peacefully at home surrounded by her family on 17 July.

You know how to brush your teeth, but lockdown gives us the opportunity to reassess technique.