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To coincide with World Heart Day on September 29th, KIMS Hospital opened a new private rapid cardiac assessment service for people who are worried about symptoms they may have with their heart, and want a quick diagnosis and advice from a specialist cardiologist.The new service has been developed following growing concern from cardiologists about the number of people who are living with heart disease, which can go undetected. Today in the UK there are 7.6 million people living with Heart or Circulatory Disease* . Early detection and treatment of heart issues can help prevent serious complications.KIMS Hospital is the only

If you are considering our shape off programme, please read Marisa’s experience below.  There are no limiting factors to training at Better Body Group; MARISA’S EXPERIENCE: I have been going to the Better Body Group for almost 7 years now; I started with a  “shape off” ahead of a school reunion in 2016. My family life (I have 4 daughters aged 13-19) and a busy job mean that I don’t always make time for exercising, and I have had several knee surgeries over the last few years after a bad skiing fall. Back in the autumn of last year, I was having

The popularity of women and girls rugby Global demand for women and girls’ rugby is on the increase more and more girls and women are interested in being involved in the sport, whether that be playing, coaching, or volunteering.  Over the last three decades, the quality has been improving every year along with perpetual fan base growth which is enabling the sport to grow as well as more exposure and investment.More recently we have the Girls Rugby Club (a club built by girls for girls, founded by Rachael Burford) who are holding a Girls Rugby Festival – this is just one of many many great

I am Ruth and I freeze people!  … for recovery, wellness, weight loss, and beauty!  I am a little on the crazy side but with a strong desire to succeed.   I had the vision to build a unique business and help people which is exactly what has now become my reality over the last five years.   It’s a proud moment to meet this 5-year landmark, so here is a little look back, some ‘cryo’ information all pulled together in one place for you. Five years agoCryojuvenate was launched in March 2017, at the time only a couple of independent businesses

This week marks Student Volunteering Week, and local Sevenoaks care home Gloucester House is celebrating the success of their volunteer scheme, which over the years has seen many volunteers continue go on to become permanent team members.Emma Adams and Emily Dixon-Brown, Level 3 Health and Social Care students at North Kent College, have been regularly volunteering at the Greensleeves Care home since October, and this week the residents bid them a farewell and good luck as they left to focus on their upcoming exams.[caption id="attachment_14179" align="aligncenter" width="602"] Emma and Emily[/caption]Student Volunteering Week, led by the Student Volunteering Network, is focused

Achieve your New Year goals I hope your New Year is off to an amazing start?Much like 2021, we’ve once again found ourselves entering a new year with the presence of coronavirus still interfering with our ability to lead a normal life.  Whilst we may not yet know what 2022 has in store for us, we shouldn’t put our goals and ambitions on hold.  A new year is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the year gone by and celebrate the wonderful things you achieved personally (no matter how big or small) and set new goals for the year ahead. Prioritising your health, inside and

Tighten your pelvic floor with EMS Medisculp PelviQ Just a few months ago Cryojuvenate launched the EMS Medisculp service which has literally taken Sevenoaks by storm.  We couldn’t just stop there,  oh no …..we have now taken this cutting-edge service one step further and proudly announce the launch of the EMS Medisculp PelviQ Paddle. This is a breakthrough therapy for incontinence, a revolutionary technology for women’s private health. A quick recap, so what is EMS Medisculp? Its full name is High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Fitness or FEMHO for short. It is a device that stimulates 100% of the muscle by means of electromagnetic pulses (in comparison, a push-up or

Word has got out that cryotherapy is a HUGE hit amongst celebrities and world-class athletes alike, from all over the world. From our local sports heroes right through to the Hollywood A-list, cryo-mania is spreading like wildfire and is showing no signs of slowing down amongst celebrities and athletes who use cryotherapy.We’ve pulled together a list of famous faces who’ve publicly sworn by the benefits of cryotherapy. First of all, what is cryotherapy? Now, for the science bit….. Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, has quickly amassed a huge amount of popularity and publicity due to the health and overall well-being benefits it

Building a dream body is an aspiration for many. With the rising pressures of social media, to being our own worst critics, achieving that physical goal can often be a challenging journey. Whether it is hitting plateaus in your fitness routine, or struggling to overcome a trouble zone (lower abdominal, buttocks, and thighs to name a few) despite hours rinsing reps in the gym, a jump start to boosting strength and definition would come as a welcome option to many.That option is now a reality thanks to the latest high-tech treatment that is EMS Medisculpt. An innovative body-sculpting machine that offers

Common vitamin and mineral deficiencies Every day your body depends on numerous vitamins and minerals to function optimally. However, when you fall deficient in one or more of these, your body functions at a sub-optimal level, increasing your risk of illness or disease and you may begin to recognise the symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiency. Vitamins and minerals aid your body in completing all its most critical physiological processes.A well-balanced diet should provide you with all the nutrients you need to prevent vitamin inadequacy. However, when your diet is not well balanced, or you are unable to absorb all the