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The Marmite Story….

Having tweaked my itinerary several times over the two weeks leading up to my solo trip, I decided that as I was going all the way back to Greece again ( the second time in a month ) , my last port of call at the end of my week island hopping, just had to be my beloved Santorini.

Decision made, I changed my flight so that I could fly back to the UK from there.

It also meant that I could catch up with my friends in Santorini.

One of whom I haven’t seen for 12 years.

I would have 48 precious hours with them.

Anyway, last year in Santorini, I was telling our friend Stefanos all about Marmite!

I have no idea how we got on to that conversation, but I’m guessing it started with me.

Stefanos had never heard of it & I explained that you either loved it or hated it!

( I’m on the ‘love it’ side btw.)

Trying to describe Marmite to someone who’s never heard of it, let alone tasted it, is like trying to explain quantum physics to me..utterly impossible!

So I promised to bring him a jar on my return.

That jar was in my carry on bag on this trip!

I had carefully placed all my lotions & potions in the little plastic bag & completely forgot about the LARGE ( yes large ) jar of Marmite nestled amongst my meagre ( for me ) belongings!

What the hell was I thinking?

As soon as I’d placed my bag on the tray at security ( having carefully removed lotion & potion plastic bag ) I walked through the security gate & suddenly I remembered….my mate Marmite.


Of course, I was called over, went through the ‘is this your bag madam’ routine, & watched as the contents were removed!

I could feel my cheeks burn!

What an idiot I am!

I briefly wondered if Marmite could possibly contain explosive qualities?

Oh dear!

Not only was it far bigger than the allowance ( you’d think I’d never travelled on a plane before ) but of course it would come under the lotion & potion category!

Within seconds, the offending jar was retrieved from the depths of the bag!

The security guard looked a little puzzled,

Oh God, I thought, he’s going to think that I can’t leave the country without my Marmite!

He pointed out to me that it exceeded the 100ml allowance & he took the jar to a machine behind him ( where I’m guessing it was tested for explosives ).

I wondered what the prison term for carrying ‘exploding’ Marmite was?

Ahh well, I thought, bye bye Marmite.

Then to my surprise, back he came with it in his hand, winked at me, smiled & put it back in my case!

Well, an act of kindness right there…

..but I’m guessing it was more likely due to the fact he simply hates Marmite!

By Shivicate

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