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7 Reasons Why These Luxury Wooden Shutters Are On Everyone’s Home Improvement Wishlist This Summer

Looking forward to some time off this summer? The longer days give us time to finally pick up those long-overdue home improvement projects we’ve been meaning to get round to.

For this very reason of ‘having more time’, the home renovations industry flourished during the pandemic, with many of us being restricted by lockdowns and working from home.

In fact, Property Reporter found that, during the pandemic, spending on home renovation increased by 36%. According to the Renovation Nation Report by, a whopping 76% of Brits spent money on improving their property in 2020, with this figure increasing to 77% in 2021 – that’s more than three quarters of the nation!

Business is booming for one family-run business in particular: The Shutter Studio. The exponential growth has seen them open a new showroom within Polhill Garden Centre in Sevenoaks – music to our ears!



Here are 7 great reasons why we’re raving about The Shutter Studio’s newly launched, UK-made wooden shutters service:


1]  A long-lasting and stylish addition to your home

It’s in the name… shutters are what The Shutter Studio do best. And for good reason. Not only can shutters totally transform your living space aesthetically with their elegant and timeless design but they’re super practical and functional too.

As well as being a natural sound barrier, hard-wearing and easy-to-clean, wooden shutters also give you more control over light levels in the room and, of course, privacy. Custom shutters are fitted to the millimetre, this significantly reduces heat lost through windows – awarding you a tidy saving on heating bills!

Plus, sturdy, well-made shutters can actually add value to your property.


2]  Handcrafted exclusively in the UK to the highest quality

The Shutter Studio is proud to currently be one of the ONLY businesses offering wooden shutters that are made right here in the UK – this gives them an exclusive and unique edge and we like it! Their warehouse and factory are based in Kent, an advantage which cuts the timescale down substantially.

Every single shutter is custom-built and designed by the hands of a long-established team of experts and made using premium quality pine wood which is light, durable and the highest-grade material available. Meticulous quality control systems are in place to deliver a truly exquisite, one-of-a-kind window dressing.


3]  A tangible commitment to sustainability

The Shutter Studio are taking several steps to safeguard our planet’s natural resources:

  • The timber used is Monterey Pine, a fast-growing wood that is renewable, replaced quickly and therefore better for the environment.
  • This process meets the rigorous standards set out by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) who champion sustainable forestry through zero deforestation, fair wage and work environment, conservation and preservation and community rights.
  • For every order that is placed with The Shutter Studio a tree is planted by Just One Tree.
  • Timber is imported by ship to reduce carbon footprint, compared to other means of transport.
  • Treatment and paint used is water-based as opposed to commonly used PU paint which can be toxic when produced and is harmful to the environment.


4]  The quickest turnaround we’ve ever seen – 6 weeks!

Yes, you read that right – a 6-week turnaround! From consultation and quotation (which is a FREE service by the way) to design, manufacturing and installation. To put that in perspective, the average timeline is around 14-16 weeks. In less than HALF that time, you could be the proud owner of bespoke, luxury and UK-made wooden shutters.


5]  Unmatched service that comes only from a family-run business

“The backbone of the economy, the bedrock of communities” – The Institute for Family Business (IFB)

There’s something about buying from a family-run business that’s a little bit special. In our experience the quality of service is infinitely more personal and authentic, the team are totally committed to the success of each project, and they are run on strong values and heaps of passion.

The Shutter Studios was founded in 2011 by a father and son team (who are very much involved to this very day) and is a tight-knit operation that has a stellar reputation for exceptional customer care, from the very first contact through to completion and beyond.


6]  0% finance – solutions to suit every budget

Home improvements don’t come cheap but that needn’t stop you from transforming your windows with these beautifully crafted shutters. The Shutter Studio offers repayment plans over 6 or 12 month periods with no interest. Affordable and accessible, whatever your budget – what’s not to like?

Check out full details on their finance plans here.


7]  Protect your shutters for longer with an industry-topping 7-year warranty

With proper care you can expect these luxury wooden shutters to last up to 20 years or longer – a worthy investment – but also find peace of mind knowing they’re protected by a 7-year warranty.

A quick shop around on Google showed us that the average warranty offered is 5 years, with some as low as 3 years. We think these additional years of cover demonstrate the confidence The Shutter Studio has in the quality of their work and is another example of the extra lengths they’ll go to when looking after their customers.


The celebrities’ choice


You might recognise her from Channel 4’s ‘A Place In The Sun’ or ITV’s ‘This Morning’ or maybe even Dancing On Ice – she’s a woman of many talents! TV presenter, property expert and entrepreneur, Laura Hamilton, brought in The Shutter Studio team to build and install some beautiful new bespoke shutters to the front of her home and give her the private and stylish finish she’d been looking for.

Laura was so thrilled with the service and finished product that she has since referred The Shutter Studio to friends and family as well as featuring them on her series, The Rebuild.

Rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot, you can read through a plethora of 5-star reviews, like the one below:


“I’m a repeated customer. They came highly recommended by our neighbour, so we had the plantation shutters bespoke made by them. That was a few years ago and the shutters are still looking good. Recently our John Lewis roller blinds in the bedroom has given up, so we got in touch with Shutter Studio again. Same professional and courteous services and great recommendation. Our new aluminium Venetian blinds is so effective in blocking out lights that at weekends without alarms we get to sleep extra and wake up naturally. What a bless!”


Get a FREE quote from The Shutter Studio

Established in 2011, The Shutter Studio specialises in made-to-measure plantation shutters, transforming homes with wooden window shutters, improving home value, curb appeal, insulation and security.

Serving the whole of Kent and into London, Surrey, Sussex and Berkshire.

Visit the website.

Get in touch or request a quote here or contact The Shutter Studio:
020 8662 0126

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