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Wildernesse House team on stairwell inside main building

Getting To Know The Wildernesse House Dream Team

With a history steeped in nobility, Wildernesse House by Elysian Residences has garnered an opulent reputation amongst locals. But behind its grandiose exterior (and interior) is a close-knit team who are impossibly down-to-earth and welcoming. We want to drop the veil and dispel any illusions of isolated exclusivity and what better way to do this than to introduce you to some of those team members? 

If you visit there’s no doubt that, at some point, you’ll bump into one of these wonderful people as they go about the business of tending to this local treasure as well as being the main points of contact for homeowners and their families.


Wildernesse House team on stairwell inside main building


Denise Vas, General Manager

Denise is the General Manager of two Elysian Residences properties, dividing her time between Wildernesse House in Seal, Sevenoaks and The Landsby in Stanmore, North London. Denise comes from a 17-year background in the private hotel sector, both in the UK and overseas in Abu Dhabi and Pakistan. Having joineding Elysia 4 years ago as part of the team who launched Elysian’s first residence, The Landsby, Denise went on to become an  integral part of the team who have built Wildernesse House up to the immaculate standard that it is today.

She is responsible for the day-to-day operations including (but not limited to) front and back of house (concierge, maintenance, housekeeping etc.), food and beverage, events, finance, admin, care, facilities and reservations.

Denise is proud of recruiting a team that has grown to be so collaborative and involved.


“Every day is a team-building day for us – we’re basically one big family here!”


Tracey and Denise, Wildernesse House management team

Tracey Cleary, Deputy General Manager (left) and Denise Vas, General Manager (right)


Tracey Cleary, Deputy General Manager

Tracey is the Deputy General Manager and is stationed at Wildernesse House full time. Also coming from a hotelier background, with an extensive resume that includes the Hilton and Strand Palace Hotel, Tracey works closely with Denise on the day-to-day operations.

Both Tracey’s and Denise’s roles are customer-facing roles and the pair very much operate an ‘open door policy’ to ensure they’re always visible and approachable to homeowners, families and employees alike.

Tracey says her favourite part of her role is the relationship-building with the homeowners, from the very moment they hand over the keys. This mutual trust and respect form a huge part of the Wildernesse House ethos.


Fowsia Shoble, Care Manager

Fowsia diligently takes up the position of Care Manager to ensure every homeowner is safe, happy and has the appropriate level of at home support. Fowsia takes great time and care to provide a thorough assessment for each homeowner, working closely with them and their families (when necessary) to establish a package of services that suit individual needs.

Mindful that the introduction of a new care package can take some adjusting to, Fowsia is skilful at making the transition an easy one. Her compassionate but professional approach and unrivalled knowledge has been crafted over a long career working her way up through the ranks in various healthcare positions.


“You cannot do this job well without the passion, desire and determination to really help people and make a difference. After 15 years in the healthcare industry, nothing can surprise me now! What I love most are the simple things, like when a homeowner is happy and will say ‘mind how you go’ when I leave them, the caring seems to work both ways!”


Fowsia Care manager

Fowsia Shoble, Care Manager


About Wildernesse House

Part of the Elysian Residences group, Wildernesse House is a luxury retirement community, letting you live your life on your own terms, and in your own home. Wildernesse House offers the space and grandeur of a country estate, with all the modern comforts of luxury living. There are 8 newly built Mews Houses on-site as well as 23 heritage apartments located within the main house. There are to be 53 brand new apartments coming in summer of 2024.

The facilities on-site are second to none and include a restaurant and bar and a wellness centre that boasts a swimming pool, gym, studio, sauna and spa treatments. The social calendar is full of events and experiences that range from the cultural and educational to the physical and social. Cookery courses, theatre trips, wine tasting, lectures and art classes are just a few of the successes.

Not to mention that the estate itself is steeped in heritage and history, which you can learn all about here.

To arrange a visit call them on 0808 115 8910
Office open Monday to Friday, 9.00am – 6.00pm

Wildernesse Avenue, Sevenoaks, TN15 0EA


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