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Sandie and Cathy sitting next to each other on stairs in lime tree workshop sevenoaks

LIME TREE WORK SHOP Embodies The Future Of Modern Working

Tucked away on Lime Tree Walk – just off London Road – you’ll find LIME TREE WORK SHOP. This vibrant coworking space launched in April 2022 and has gone from strength to strength, most recently winning ‘Start-up of the Year 2023’ in the Consumer Services category at The Start-Up Awards South East.

Its location in the centre of Sevenoaks is a huge advantage point. Nestled amongst the buzzing town centre and all its conveniences, this little sanctuary is still so serene and calm.

Quickly becoming a hub for Sevenoaks businesses, LIME TREE WORK SHOP has a story that writes itself; female-owned (even better it’s a family venture), steeped in history, a surplus of hard work and even a dramatic ‘close call’.

SPACE TO WORK. ROOM TO THINK. That’s their motto, let’s dive into it.



A Victorian warehouse in the centre of Sevenoaks – what’s the story?

LIME TREE WORK SHOP has a fascinating history which originates in Victorian times when the building was known as Hilder’s Yard, a workshop of coach makers. It later became Colin Bird’s garage before eventually standing derelict for two decades. The building is deemed by The Sevenoaks Society to be “an important piece of Sevenoaks’ historical identity.”

Destined for demolishment in favour of housing and parking, it was a mixture of serendipity, perfect timing and a keen eye for potential which averted what could have been an absolute travesty for the community.

Cue, Sandie and Cathy. A sister duo looking to fulfil a lifelong dream of going into business together.


Sandie and Cathy sitting next to each other on stairs in lime tree workshop sevenoaks

Sadie (left), Cathy (right)


The renovation: from rubble and ruin to functional and fantastic!

Cathy’s skill as an interior designer married with Sandie’s robust knowledge of the events industry was the perfect pairing for this project. Together they breathed life back into this old neglected, historic building.

The attention to detail is meticulous and it’s immediately obvious that painstaking care was taken to retain the warehouse’s character. Most striking is the juxtaposition of the chic mid-century modern design against the century-old original features.

The original pillars have been reinforced and stand proudly in the same spot they have for over a hundred years. The exposed brickwork is also original and, if you look closely, you can see traces of the early wooden beams. Even the doors and the windows are replicas of what was there before. There’s authenticity everywhere you look.


Check out more photos of the renovation here.

A local work community that caters to a changing working landscape

The pandemic fostered a new era for the ‘typical working day’ and it seems a much more flexible approach is the future of modern working. Working from home has its pro’s – we certainly don’t miss that arduous commute – and con’s. So, how about working near home instead?

Coworking spaces are an antidote to the rising business costs and overheads that are crippling small businesses right now, whilst still retaining a sociable and productive work environment and allowing you all the freedoms that come with managing your own schedule.

Take the stress away and reinvest the money you’ve saved back into your business! So, what flexible work options are available at LIME TREE WORK SHOP?

Hot desks

Abundant seating options, from comfy sofas and shared tables to nooks that offer more privacy. You can pay as you go with full day or half day passes or join a rolling monthly membership.

Permanent desks and private offices

Keep your home life separate from your work life with a permanent desk that doesn’t come with a long-term commitment. Leave your workstation in-situ and lock away any valuables, this is perfect for the worker who needs routine or for small teams who prefer to stick together.

Virtual office

You can register your business to LIME TREE WORK SHOP! Not only does a business address look more professional but it affords privacy for your home address, which can be seen by anyone through a quick search on Companies House. Your post is stored securely and you’ll get a tidy 10% discount on meeting room hire.

Meeting room hire

Looking for a stylish and smart space to dazzle your clients? Or a central location for that team meeting? Guzzle down as much tea and coffee as you like to power through those brainstorming sessions or ask the team about catering options if more fuel is required!


“Due to train strikes (again!), I needed somewhere I could work and concentrate. A friend recommended this place to me and I’m glad he did! The workshop is a clean, modern and relaxing space to work. Helpful staff and importantly good wifi and coffee!” – Samuel H.

Facilities and amenities

A tranquil, calm working space can really boost creativity and productivity but aside from being aesthetically pleasing, what else makes the LIME TREE WORK SHOP a fab working environment?

Accessible location? Check.
Free hot drinks? Check.
Speedy Wi-Fi? Check.
Secure and safe access? Check.
Fabulous facilities, such as break out areas, showers and private phone booths? Check.
Surrounded by like-minded community? Check.
A FOMO-inducing calendar of social events? Check.


Private event hire, from wine-tasting to networking and beyond

During the evenings and at weekends, this space is available to hire for private events – yay! LIME TREE WORK SHOP has played host to an amalgam of events, from lifestyle workshops to upskilling business sessions. There are 5 events coming up in July alone! ‘Learn How To DJ’, ‘Seven Course Asian Tasting Menu Supper Club’ and ‘Content Creation & Planning Workshop’ are just a few highlights.

We LOVE just how many local businesses are already involved in the events programme!

Events are open to all, view the calendar here.

Follow LIME TREE WORK SHOP on socials: Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

11 Lime Tree Walk
TN13 1YH
Tel: 01732 444200

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