Friday, April 12th, 2024

Welham Jones braves the ‘Skywire Zip Wire’ for charity

Are they crazy or are they crazy? But then again, it was for a very good cause! The team at Welham Jones pride themselves on helping others and giving something back. As they approach their 30th anniversary few of them thought it would be a fun idea to raise some money for the Ellenor Hospice.
On seeing the challenges they had on offer, the team decided the ‘Skywire Zip Wire’ challenge seemed to be the most exciting! So, on Sunday 12th June, Rebecca Welham, Sarah Spence, Donna’s husband Jason (Donna doesn’t like heights!) and Sarah’s son, all took on the longest zip wire challenge in England. They soared across the whole of the 724 meters span of the Bluewater complex, reaching speeds of 60mph. All of which was completed 100 meters off the ground, so they were literally flying through the air!

In the process of doing this they managed to raise £770 for the hospice, and the team at Welham Jones hope this goes a small way in helping those of all ages who need the care and support that the hospice provides.
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