Thursday, May 30th, 2024

Reset and Relax. Introducing Nourish by Naomi.

Next in our line up of independent women in business is Naomi Buff who is a mind, body and nutrition coach. Using these three wellness modalities, she works with clients to help them break free from the relentless cycles that are holding them back from living a full and vibrant life. Having practiced holistic wellness for 10 years, Naomi’s initial focus was nutrition, which led her to create nutritionally balanced recipes for restaurants and hotels, host workshops and cookery lessons, to appearing on master chef in Monaco. In 2020, she decided to explore a more holistic approach to healing and learnt about the transformative benefits of reiki and sound therapy.

Since then, Naomi has found that this approach provides a wondrous break through for people suffering with multiple mindset hurdles. From reducing stress and anxiety, boosting mood, improving sleep, to increasing focus and elevating feelings of spiritual well-being, sound therapy has proven to provide numerous benefits.

Naomi’s retreats and sound bath events offer the chance to relax and reset your nervous system in order to overcome those residing thoughts that often prevent us from moving forward. From hosting corporate events for businesses to 1-2-1 individual sessions, she addresses issues ranging from major life transitions, holistic weight loss, divorce, body image, trauma, to finding purpose and a sense of self.

To experience the deep relaxation and healing properties of Naomi’s sound baths for yourself, there is an opportunity to attend her next event on the 23rd of June at the new business hub at Lime Tree Workshop in Sevenoaks. This event will not only offer the perfect venue for Naomi, but is another shining example of women supporting other women in business, and is something we at My Sevenoaks Community love to see!

If you would like to book a space at either the 6:30pm or 8pm session, then follow the link below:

Or, to find out more about Naomi’s holistic healing methods, you can take a look at her website:

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