Friday, April 12th, 2024

The Greek Adonis..

I’m no spring chicken ,but, inside I’m still 17.

Reality hit though, going through customs at Mykonos, where a young Adonis at passport control was flashing his eyes at all the girls coming through, welcoming them to the island, and giving them his best dazzling smile.

My 17 year old self was smiling helplessly as I went to get my passport checked!

But Adonis didn’t even raise his head, let alone look at me!

To be honest, he barely even looked at my passport!

I could’ve been from Mars!

All I got was a grunt as he threw my passport back at me!

I had become invisible!

It was at that moment that I realised that I actually had a ‘superpower’!

Suddenly, all thoughts of serial killers lurking outside my hotel room disappeared!

Thank you Adonis!

It was around 10pm when I reached my hotel.

It was a blustery night & Mykonos seemed closed down & deserted.

My forward thinking of packing a ‘Pot Noodle’ paid off. I really didn’t fancy walking the streets looking for a taverna!

Pot Noodle eaten, I settled into bed for the night, wondering if my ferry would be sailing the next day?

That first night alone was restless! I kept waking on the hour, every hour.

Daylight took an age to arrive.

But what a treat I had when it finally came!

From my window I had a picture perfect view of Mykonos old port!

I luxuriated in the fact that I didn’t have to be anywhere for at least 2 hours!

But, I needed to know if the ferries were running, so I reluctantly dragged my sleepy body from the oh so comfy bed.

I checked out of my hotel & made my way to the port..

Yes, the ferries were running, despite the 30 foot waves.

Ok, maybe not quite 30 foot, but they looked very big & VERY scary!

By 10am the ‘big boy’ ferry, ‘Superstar’ ( honestly that’s its name ) had arrived!

‘Superstar’ glided through the menacing waves as if she were sailing through a mill pond!

Well at least, that was on ONE side of the ship!

The other side, the wind was howling. Waves were crashing over onto the deck & those passengers that just happened to be outside & on that side of the ship, were plastered against the wall like flies on a windscreen of a speeding car in the rain!

And oh yes, I was one of those passengers!

Somehow, I made it to the other side!

The side where the sun shone & the sea was calm.

I found an empty chair & sat back & enjoyed the mini summer micro climate!

‘Life is like the ocean. It can be calm or still, and rough or rigid, but in the end, it is always beautiful.’

By Shivicate

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