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Frankie lifting weights at better body group gym in sevenoaks

Frankie Says Relax! Women, You Don’t Have To Put Up With Incontinence

For women who choose the path of motherhood, there’s no greater experience than bringing new life into the world. Childbirth is truly an everyday miracle and the perfect example of how beautifully complex, resilient and powerful a woman’s body can be.

Despite this impressive feat, women may feel embarrassed when the aftermath of childbirth continues to affect their quality of life for far longer than the post-partum period.

One of the most upsetting disruptions? Incontinence. This is where Frankie De Smet steps in.

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Supporting women

She may be a kick-ass business owner and a fitness guru but, as a mother of four, Frankie hasn’t been immune to a troublesome leaky bladder.

Frankie’s set her sights on becoming a source of support for women going through the same thing. The pressure on mothers continues to mount – images of celebrities who’ve ‘snapped back’ into shape or continue to ‘hustle’ in their careers are shoved in our faces by the media every day. It’s stressful, overwhelming and counterproductive to the female empowerment movement.

Through her online app, group workshops and 1-2-1 coaching, Frankie wants to reverse these feelings of guilt, shame and low self-esteem whilst also giving women the tools, knowledge and support they need to tackle their symptoms.


Frankie lifting weights at better body group gym in sevenoaks


Tell us more! What’s on offer?

Frankie takes a holistic approach that combines the power of community with targeted exercises, breathwork, diet and lifestyle. There’s room for adaptability in every option – whichever solution you feel suits you best, Frankie will meet you there with a gentle reset.

Coaching Programmes

There are two 12-week coaching programmes available, designed to suit your budget and fit into a busy schedule.

The community coaching programme involves 12 weekly Zoom sessions where you’ll come together with a group of like-minded women. The sessions include teaching elements from Frankie and discussion topics with the wider group. This is a safe space to give and receive support.

The 1-2-1 coaching programme offers you 12 hours of dedicated time with Frankie (online or in-person), over the course of 12 weeks. This programme is tailored specifically to the individual.
Both programmes offer you unlimited access to Frankie throughout – if you have a question or just need to offload, she’s only one message away.


Frankie working 121 with a woman

Group Workshops

These 2-hour group sessions run one Saturday every month at Destiny Chiropractic in West Malling. After an initial assessment, Frankie will guide you through a mindful flow that incorporates breathing techniques and strengthening postures. You’ll leave with knowledge and practical tips you can use everyday PLUS feeling totally uplifted after time spent with women going through the same thing as you.


Group Workshop - group laying on yoga mats

Online App

Frankie Fitness is available on the Apple Store and Google Play with different subscription levels, making it accessible to all. The app boasts a catalogue of nearly 200 video resources, from easy-to-follow- fitness programmes to informative lifestyle pieces. Here’s an example of videos you’ll see:

• Improving sleep quality
• How to eat for your hormones
• Hypopressive exercises
• HIIT programmes (for beginners and intermediates)
• Gym floor programme

Where do I sign up?

If you suffer with a weakened pelvic floor, urinary urgency, prolapse, hernia, lower back pain, digestion or pain with sex OR you’re seeking better form and a slimmer waistline, get in touch with Frankie today.

Send Frankie a message on Instagram: @frankie.fitnessapp

Email Frankie on:

Call Frankie on: 07447469679

Enquire via her website:


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