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The Path To Prevention: Unlock Your Health Potential At Better Body Group

So fortunate we are to live in an age where every day we witness unprecedented advancements in medicine, technology, and science. No generation before now has had access to such groundbreaking innovations aimed at enhancing our health and wellbeing.

Yet, despite this remarkable progress, we find ourselves amidst a global medical crisis with conditions like obesity and mental health disorders looming large. The convenience of such advancements often tempts us into sedentary lifestyles and reliance on ultra-processed foods, wreaking havoc on our health span.

Could it be that we’ve dug ourselves a hole without even realising it? Can you recognise what’s really going on inside your body?


better body group personal training facility sevenoaks 


Prevention is better than a cure

Jason Crow, co-founder of multi-award-winning personal training centre Better Body Group, believes that as technology continues to evolve, so too must our approach to healthcare, focussing not just on treatment, but on prevention.

Once a power lifter and Judo player, Jason has worked in the fitness industry for over 30 years, across both the USA and the UK. His impressive resume features consultancy work in corporate environments, overseeing training regimes for professional athletes, lecturing with The University of Kent Sports Science Department and more.

In the US, Jason found the preventative healthcare industry was far more prevalent than it is on this side of the Atlantic. Due to their largely private healthcare system, people in the US have more responsibility to look after their own health to prevent the huge cost of treatment.

Better Body Group have launched a private health screening service in Sevenoaks to educate people on their current state of health and empower them to take action now for positive, long-term change.

Read more about Jason’s extensive background here.


Jason Crow Better Body Group


Which health conditions call for immediate action?

In the quest for a healthier life, recognising when to seek professional help can be vital. Here are several conditions that should prompt an immediate consultation with the team at Better Body Group.


High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Hypertension is often dubbed the “silent killer” for its ability to cause damage without symptoms. Regular exercise and proper nutrition can significantly reduce blood pressure levels and associated risks.


Large Waist Circumference

A large waist circumference can indicate visceral fat, which is linked to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.


High Blood Sugar Levels

Early intervention in cases of elevated blood sugar levels can prevent the progression to diabetes.


High Cholesterol

Managing cholesterol is crucial for cardiovascular health.


Family History of Chronic Diseases

If chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, or obesity run in your family, proactive health management is crucial.


As well as the predisposition assessments and health screening service, Better Body Group specialises in designing targeted programmes to address and effectively manage these conditions. Programmes include tailored nutrition plans and customised exercise routines, all monitored and guided by experts throughout.



What happens during a health screening at Better Body Group?



When you join Better Body Group, a complimentary consultation is included as a standard. This is an imperative step towards getting you on the right track and getting the most value from your investment.

Think of this as an information gathering exercise where you’ll discuss your goals, ability level, medical history, share what’s worked for you in the past and what hasn’t etc.


VO₂ Max machine

Now this piece of kit is seriously cool. A VO₂ Max machine is a device which measures an individual’s maximum oxygen consumption during exercise.

If you’re struggling to understand why you aren’t seeing results despite hours spent pounding the treadmill and religiously counting your macros, this could hold the answers.

Guided by an expert, you will undertake a series of exercises whilst wearing a mouthpiece which is connected to a system that will measure the volume and concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air you exhale.


vo2 max machine


This data can determine your cardiovascular health, aerobic fitness level and exercise performance. In knowing this, Jason’s team can pinpoint the moment you start/stop burning fat and guide you on exercising the right way for you so that you burn exactly what you need.

Dr Peter Attia, physician and researcher known for his work in longevity medicine, is an advocate for the importance of this. He says, “Simply bringing your VO₂ Max from ‘low’ (bottom 25th percentile) to ‘below average’ (25th to 50th percentile) is associated with a 50% reduction in all-cause mortality. When you go from ‘low’ to ‘above average’ (50th to 75th percentile) the risk reduction is closer to 70%!”


vo2 max machine

Jason’s team uses this data to understand what’s happening in your metabolic ‘engine’


Blood work

Your blood also tells part of the story.  Blood panels are a valuable tool to identify risk factors, diagnose medical conditions and collect information on metabolic functions, cardiovascular health, blood glucose levels and cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


1]   Take bloods in tranquil, relaxed environment – believe it or not, a stress-inducing atmosphere (like at a hospital) can impact your results! Better Body Group can organise this on your behalf at a local medical facility.

2]   Bloods are sent to a laboratory for analysis.

3]   The doctor will examine and review your blood profile and cross-check it against entirety of your health screening data.

4]   Report of the findings in under a week.


Whilst you can request blood work from the NHS, the blood panel is far more basic in most cases. The benefit of utilising a service such as Better Body Group is that the blood panel is totally bespoke and builds a complete picture of your health, potentially spot relationships that could’ve gone unnoticed otherwise.



3D Styku Body Scan

This imaging technology uses specialised cameras and scanners to capture images of your body from different angles, producing a three-dimensional model of your body. With a 3D model, the measurements and proportions are precise and can help you to visualise and analyse your body composition.

Here’s what a 3D body scan at Better Body Group can measure:

  • Obvious postural deficiencies
  • Body fat percentage
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Tummy diameter

From this data we will calculate your daily calorie and exercise target, so you have a tangible plan in place. It’s a great tool for monitoring weight loss progress and tracking changes in body fat and muscle mass.

For more in-depth information, you can learn more about it here.


3d body scan at better body group


Next steps

Armed with the facts, Jason and his team are better placed to put an action plan in place that best supports your needs and goals.

As well as being closely affiliated with external healthcare providers, such as Sevenoaks Medical Centre, Jason has carefully curated 7 specialist departments within Better Body Group:

  • Young Athlete Development (YAD)
  • Transformations
  • Complete Rehab
  • Strength
  • Performance
  • Nutrition
  • Health


better body group personal training facility sevenoaks



You can’t argue with science, facts or results. This unflinching meticulousness is what sets Better Body Group apart from your average gym facility. Jason and his team have really elevated personal training, as we know it, to the next level.

‘Holistic’ is a term that is thrown around a lot in the fitness and wellness space, but Better Body Group have applied it in abundance. A totally unique offering, in fact, we can’t think of another fitness centre in the country that offers such wide-ranging expertise under one roof.

This health screening service is open to everyone, you don’t have to be a member BUT we can bet you’ll want to be afterwards!

Find out more about memberships.


better body group personal training facility sevenoaks


Get in touch with Better Body Group

Better Body Group can be found at two locations:

Sevenoaks location

Unit 3, Sevenoaks Enterprise Centre Bat and Ball Road, Sevenoaks Kent, UK TN14 5LJ

Blackheath location

Blackheath Rugby Club The Rectory Field, Charlton Road London, UK SE3 8SR

Visit the website here.

Call them: 01732 451979

Email them:

Follow them on social media – Facebook, Instagram, X and YouTube.


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