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Finding Purpose Through Pottery: Studio Z Ceramics Raise Money For Charity At ‘Art In June’ Exhibition


We once heard somewhere that ‘life is a chance that gives choice and simultaneously a choice to have a chance.’ Well, the two main characters in this story may have fallen together by chance but both have spent many years choosing to step up and make positive change to the world around them.

The two amazing women we speak of – both of whom have received special honours by way of British Empire awards for their individual charitable endeavours – are Lizzy Hall MBE and Eliza Ecclestone BEM.

Lizzy is the founder of national charity, The Hygiene Bank and Eliza is the woman behind local initiatives Care for our Community Sevenoaks District, Clean Up for our Community and Care for our Community Ukraine.

Having long supported each other from a distance, the pair finally connected over a joint love of pottery and have gone on to turn this hobby into a fundraising initiative – we’d expect nothing less!


art in june pottery prep


From passion project to art exhibitions – how did it start for Studio Z Ceramics?

In her quest for mindfulness following the loss of her husband, Lizzy took up pottery. With a lump of clay and modelling tools in hand, Lizzy found she was forced to slow down and centre herself, distancing herself from the stresses of life.

Commitments to The Hygiene Bank demanded her time but Lizzy always returned to her hobby, saying, “to make ceramics is an adventure – each time in the studio is different and each piece is unique. Even after all the failure and frustrations, it lures you back.”

Unbeknownst to Lizzy, she had a secret admirer in the shape of Eliza, who was ardently following her pottery journey on Instagram. Keen to explore the craft, Eliza reached out to Lizzy and asked, “shall we find a pottery teacher together?” Neither could have guessed where this simple question would lead.

In stepped Anna da Silva, owner of Sevenoaks-based pottery studio, Inca Pottery, who taught Lizzy and Eliza how to ‘throw’ on a potter’s wheel. Lizzy taught Eliza the drills of hand building, but Anna guided their skills to the next level. So much so, Lizzy invested in her own potter’s wheel and kiln!

Out of that kiln, Studio Z Ceramics was born.


“Pottery is a bit like life – you do your best and it will teach you what you need to know along the way so enjoy the journey! If you are too committed to a particular outcome, it will punish you. But if you are lucky, you’ll come away with something beautiful.” – Eliza Ecclestone BEM


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Visit ‘Art In June’ at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens

Fast forward to today, and the women are taking part in their first ever art exhibition.  Lizzy and Eliza say they felt honoured to have been invited by RIVERHILL HIMALAYAN GARDENS to exhibit alongside the local artists who are part of ART IN JUNE.

100% of the money raised will go to support the local Sevenoaks Hygiene Bank project which in turn supports several local community partners including Sevenoaks Foodbank, women’s refuge centres and local schools.

So, if you’re looking for an extra special piece to add to your home, one that tells a story and you know has done a little bit of good… head down to Riverhill Himalayan Gardens before 23rd June!



Event details

Location: Riverhill Himalayan Gardens, Riverhill, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0RR

Date: Open now! Last day is Sunday 23rd June (exhibition is closed on Mon 17th & Tues 18th)

Opening times: 10am – 5pm

Get tickets here.



Raising money for The Hygiene Bank

The Hygiene Bank, believes it is not right that feeling clean should be a luxury or a privilege for anyone in our society, yet many are living in poverty and cannot afford to stay clean. 4.2 million adults in the UK live in hygiene poverty which means they can’t afford the basics such as toothpaste, shampoo, razors, nappies and laundry detergent.

Many people locked in poverty or those who find themselves in times of crisis often experience restricted options. This leaves them caught between being able to heat their home, pay their rent, buy food or keep clean. Hygiene poverty can be shaming, humiliating and excluding and can result in social isolation. It can lead to a lack of confidence and can negatively affect good health and mental well-being which can impact early childhood development, learning, employability and social interaction.

That is why their network of projects exists – to give people access to the basics they need.


Visit The Hygiene Bank website.

Follow The Hygiene Bank on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and X



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