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CleanUp Sevenoaks 2021

With the picturesque parks and bountiful green open spaces that we are so fortunate to call home, the presence of litter in and around the Sevenoaks District has long been a hidden issue. That is, until now. Unfortunately, litter, waste and fly tipping is becoming more and more abundant. It is blighting our landscape, creating an upsetting and unsightly vision that is regrettably becoming the norm. Not only a concern for the damage it is causing to the precious environment, but litter is also affecting our mental well-being. The daily sightings of scattered waste along hedgerows and paths is diluting the feel-good tonic that being outdoors amongst nature imparts.

Many of us have spent an increasing amount of time outside during these precarious times of the pandemic, to both clear our heads and stretch our legs. Unfortunately, this has come as an unwelcome cost to the environment, with litter now carelessly strewn in our once pristine parks and flawless fields. However, eliminating this problem now and for many years to come is the focus of ‘CleanUp Sevenoaks’, an independent initiative set up by Eliza Ecclestone and eight other selfless volunteers. Eliza’s involvement within the community is commendable, with her contributions extending to the inspiring charity Care for our Community. In making such a profound difference to many lives, Eliza along with many other committed volunteers are true assets to our community. Equally admirable in paving a brighter path for many futures, CleanUp Sevenoaks is committed to keeping our beautiful district clean and tidy. They aim to reduce litter and fly tipping through organising regular events that not only cleans up the environment, but more importantly raises awareness and educates future generations.


By raising an awareness of this pressing issue, CleanUp Sevenoaks aims to change behaviours permanently by spotlighting the problem that our environment is facing. With a natural curiosity and a growing knowledge of climate change and its damaging effects, children are the catalyst to this behavioural change. In order to mould their value for the landscape, CleanUp Sevenoaks have donated 300 litter pickers to 15 primary schools across the district. By actively improving the environment, this initiative will not only ensure more children will respect nature, but will also encourage and inspire parents and adults to adopt an appreciation for the landscape too.

This combined effort from households across the community will be fuelled by the support of local businesses who share the hope of an environment they can be proud of and prosper in. With sponsors including Handelsbanken, Thackray Williams, Sevenoaks Town and District Council; along with prize donations from 13 local businesses, such a collective involvement is testament to the spirits of the Sevenoaks community. 

From a scrumptious slice of cake and cup of tea from Otto’s Kitchen, to a voucher at Bat and Ball Sports, volunteers have the added incentive to get outdoors for the first ‘Spring Clean’ of 2021 to be in with the chance of winning a unique prize. Simply by submitting a photo of yourself picking litter will grant you a place in the prize draw. So wherever you are this weekend, roll up your sleeves, embrace the elements and fill up a bag with rubbish to join the fight for a cleaner, healthier Sevenoaks. 


Although waste will always be an enduring dilemma, with the involvement of more individuals making a conscious effort to remove litter from our District, the issue can be better suppressed. With the hope that a new found respect for the landscape will outweigh the mindless action of dropping rubbish, CleanUp Sevenoaks’ mission to educate, innovate and inspire is one that will give the future environment a chance to thrive once again.

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