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A Global Bank Tied to the Local Community

Sustainability, prudence and financial stability are just some of the core values woven into the fabric of Swedish born bank Handelsbanken. However, it is the personal and decentralised approach towards customers that makes this bank a true breath of fresh air within the Sevenoaks community. As a local relationship bank whose advice profits the customer’s needs first, Handelsbanken’s success is not one that needs to be excessively marketed, for its array of awards speaks volumes instead. Just to name a few is their top rating for satisfaction twelve years running (EPSI Rating, 2009 – 2020), and top-scoring for a commercial bank in Global Finance’s ranking of the World’s Safest Banks in 2020. With loyalty being integral to the strength of any community, Handelsbanken exudes exactly this by investing wholeheartedly in its customer relationships rather than focusing on volume like many high street branches do. 

The Sevenoaks Branch

Immersing into the local area enables each branch to strengthen ties with their valued customers. In conversation with the Sevenoaks branch Manager Dan Batchelor, he explained just how Handelsbanken contrasts to the rest of the banking industry. With an approachable, friendly and charming nature, Dan personified perfectly what Handelsbanken stands for. A people’s person indeed, Dan emphasised that the bank’s principle feature is how each branch operates like a local business. This not only means they are able to get to know their customers but they can understand the ever changing local market. More impressive is the fact that all key banking decisions are made by the branch itself. This empowerment given to staff is what is meant when they say that the ‘branch is the bank’.

Branch Manager, Dan Batchelor

With such an emphasis placed on customer longevity and community immersion, the Sevenoaks branch of Handelsbanken has stepped up to the mark like many local businesses have during the current pandemic. As an essential service, Dan stated how the bank ‘had to react’ as it was ‘important to be there for customers’. And reacting to customers is exactly what this bank has achieved and continues to do so. Given the branches small tightly knit team of 6 dedicated local employees, means that their customers have the option to meet digitally or in person. This flexibility ensures Handelsbanken can continue to inject financial strength and sustainable values into the community they serve, whilst providing stability and comfort to their customers in these uncharted waters of Covid 19.

It is without a doubt however that when this pandemic passes, Handelsbanken’s presence within the Sevenoaks area will  prosper. As put by Dan, ‘we are all craving human contact in a proper format’. Dan anticipates such interaction by immersing the branch in future networking events, and to continue to make a positive difference for years to come. In the meantime, they very much remain at the disposal of all their valued customers until life resumes to normal, and with a fusion of rational and warmth, Dan and his team are certainly a safe bet when investing your needs, dreams and ambitions. 

To find out more about their approach to banking and how they could help you, visit their website

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