Friday, June 14th, 2024

Riverhead artists invited to feature their work on the Parish Council lockdown gallery

RIVERHEAD LOCKDOWN ART GALLERY: Riverhead Parish Council has created a lockdown art gallery on its website by inviting budding artists to email copied of their pictures to together with their name and road address (and age if you want it included) so that others can enjoy the art on the website and the Riverhead Facebook page.

PARKLAND DISAPPOINTMENT: Sadly Riverhead Parish Council’s latest application to Enovert Community Trust (formerly Cory Environmental Trust) for a grant for works in the Riverhead Parkland has been turned down. The Council has made many successful such applications over the last 10 years, totalling £96,000, thanks largely to the efforts Councillor Clive Himsworth, with which much has been achieved.

However the Parkland Committee of the Council is still able to go ahead with some works this year including repairs to fences ( especially the traditional laid hedge fence near the St Mary’s Drive entrance) and to the sometimes muddy footpath that runs from the bridge up to the Old Mr Oakley sculpture.

Plans to hold a working party in the Riverhead Parkland on 10 June between 9.30 and 11.30am have been cancelled.

SENIORS COFFEE MORNING: Following Government guidance, the monthly coffee mornings held at the Bullfinch in London Road have been cancelled until the guidance changes again. The next event would have taken place on 28 May (11am – 11am).

The two unusual ‘flowerpot’ men sitting outside The Bullfinch have been attracting plenty of interest. One local wag commented that they are probably waiting for the pub to reopen after the lockdown.

CRIME ALERT: At a recent meeting of Riverhead Parish Council members were informed of criminal activity in the village. A car parked on Church Field and Chipstead Lane was damaged and three catalytic converters were stolen from cars in the Tesco car park or parked on the roads in that area. A car has very recently been stolen on Marlborough Crescent and another car having a window smashed on the same road. There was also a theft of a cash card whilst the owner was being distracted at Tesco.

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