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OsteoStrong Tunbridge Wells

Biohacking Bone Health with OsteoStrong Tunbridge Wells

For those who keep up with the latest health developments, ‘biohacking’ won’t be a new phrase for you. For those who are not, ‘biohacking’ is the practice of using technology and biology to optimise your health, performance, and wellbeing.

Biohacking encompasses different approaches, techniques and methods – from nutrition (diet, supplements, genetic factors) to lifestyle (sleep, exercise, stress management) to technology that can track and monitor biometric data or ‘biomarkers’ (heart rate, blood sugar levels, sleep patterns, activity levels) and even beyond that into the realms of cognitive exercises and medical treatments.

Biohacking is beneficial because it empowers individuals to take control of their own health and wellbeing. It allows for personalised approaches to health management, tailored to individual needs and goals. The scientific community has a growing interest in researching the possibilities nor has it gone unnoticed by businesses who are developing and offering biohacking products and services.

Now, a biohack that is not found anywhere else in the UK has made its home in our corner of Kent: OsteoStrong Tunbridge Wells.


OsteoStrong Tunbridge Wells


What is OsteoStrong and how does it work?

In a nutshell, OsteoStrong is a globally recognised science-backed revolution focussed on improving natural bone health through the application of advanced research and technologies based firmly on the foundation and the simple principles of osteogenic loading.

Osteogenic loading devices form the basis of this unique biohack, geared up to improve bone density, joint health, muscle strength, balance, and posture.

What do we mean by osteogenic loading?

Osteogenic loading is a rehabilitative exercise that applies mechanical force to bones in a safe way to naturally stimulate bone growth and increase bone density. A series of exercises put stress on the bones in a controlled way (through weight-bearing and resistance).

The method of osteogenic loading is supported by bone health societies and organisations, including the Royal Osteoporosis Society and the World Health Organization.

Osteogenic loading has played a pivotal role in preventing and even reversing conditions such as osteoporosis, which is characterised by weakened and brittle bones.


osteogenic loading


From South Africa to Texas to Tunbridge Wells

There are nearly 200 OsteoStrong clinics across the globe but OsteoStrong Tunbridge Wells is the first to land in the UK, brought here by husband-wife team Ryan and Victoria Ashford-Smit. “OsteoStrong is very much a family business, in every sense of the word”, says Ryan. So how did that happen?

Ryan is an architect by trade, with a wealth of business acumen and technology experience to boot. Victoria has worked in the wellness industry for 20 years, from Pilates, barre and yoga to anatomy and physical therapy. By marrying the experience and knowledge of their respective fields, these two make for a formidable force.

Along with their two teenage boys, the Ashford-Smit family emigrated from South Africa to the UK. The goal had been to restart their lives but, beyond that, Ryan tells us there was no ‘big plan.’

Before diving headfirst into their new lives, the family spent some time staying with friends in America – Texas specifically. At this time, Ryan was treating an injury/condition with steroid injections which, over time, were doing him more harm than good. Advised by medical professionals that surgery wouldn’t be a great option as a young and active individual, Ryan said he felt like he was left in limbo.

Their Texan friends introduced Ryan to OsteoStrong. Ryan was blown away and felt it was some the UK desperately needed to make happen. What followed was 6-months of intense training, courses and integrating into the global OsteoStrong community before finally getting the keys to the perfect clinic space on Tunbridge Wells High Street.

In November 2023, the first UK OsteoStrong Clinic opened its doors.


ryan victoria osteostrong


“Osteostrong in Tunbridge Wells is amazing! Great personnel and great system to improve bone strength. I have osteoporosis and have been looking for ways to increase bone density naturally. Osteostrong is it! I love going there and always feel great after my session. I whole heartedly recommend booking a session and trying it out.”

Dale Ann Huxtable



The benefits of osteogenic loading to improve bone density

“We are very excited to be bringing this groundbreaking biohack to our local community to provide a safe, easy and measurable way to become stronger.  We’re privileged to have access to this technology.”

The benefits of osteogenic loading with OsteoStrong

  • Drug-free, non-invasive and a natural solution
  • Quick and convenient sessions (approx. 15 minutes, once a week)
  • Suitable for all ages and all abilities
  • Members typically report experiencing pain relief, greater strength, improved balance and better sleep after 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved posture
  • Improved balance
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Less joint and back pain

For more information you can check out the OsteoStrong FAQs page.



5 reasons why bone health is important


1] Structural support – your bones are the framework of your body and ensure proper posture, stability, and movement. The better your bone density, the better this support system can bear weight and withstand mechanical stresses.


2] Protection of vital organs – your bones need to be strong in order to safeguard delegate organs from impact, injury and damage. Better bone density offers better protection.


3] Mineral storage – essential minerals that are crucial for your body to function are stored inside your bones.


4] Blood cell formation – bone marrow is responsible for producing red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, all vital for transporting oxygen around the body.


5] Long-term mobility – maintaining bone health helps prevent conditions like osteoporosis and reduces the risk of falls and fractures so that we may maintain independence and mobility as we age.


Overall, an optimal bone density will ensure your bones are strong, resilient and can fulfil all of these roles.


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Get in touch with OsteoStrong Tunbridge Wells and receive a FREE discovery session

It may have only been a few months since launch but already this membership-based clinic is thriving in the community with clientele from all walks of life, including an Olympic long jump athlete!

Ryan and Victoria believe that ‘seeing is believing’, so they run monthly ‘Seeing Is Believing’ events at OsteoStrong Tunbridge Wells. These are complimentary sessions during which a small group are invited in for a short, educational presentation and to trial equipment free of charge. Plus, the offer of an exclusive discount for attendees is quite enticing!

If you’d like to take part in one of these events, get in touch directly via the contact details below or head here to book your free bone health session. Hurry, because they only allow 15 first free sessions per month!

Visit the OsteoStrong Tunbridge Wells website here.

Email them at:

Call them on: 07444 298615 or 0203 978 8875

Visit them at: 26 High St, Tunbridge Wells TN1 1UX

Follow OsteoStrong Tunbridge Wells on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


“Osteostrong is a great fit for my health and wellness goals. The combination of advanced technology, supportive staff, and a focus on scientific principles is working wonders: I feel stronger and more agile than when I started five months ago. The TW team is exceptional and having them by my side has made all the difference when it comes to achieving results. Thank you!”

Alexandra Segarra



Bone Scan

OsteoStrong Tunbridge Wells also offer ultrasound bone scans of the heel bone, as a precise, accurate and non-invasive what to test bone density in the centre. As well as a few other cutting edge wellness modalities in the wellness centre which are great for healing, regeneration and recovery.

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