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Rescue centre staff prepare to look after cats and dogs at Christmas time

Staff at Battersea Brands Hatch are gearing up for the festive season to make Christmas Day as special as they can for the dogs and cats who are looking like they will be spending their Christmas without a home.

Michelle Bevan, Rehoming and Welfare Manager at Battersea Brands Hatch, said: “A lot of people might be thinking of getting a new pet this Christmas – and we hope people will think of rescue first. For some, Christmas can be very busy with lots of noise and visitors, but for others, Christmas is a quiet one to relax with loved ones – if this is the case, it may be the perfect time to bring a new family member into the fold.

“Here at Battersea, we rehome animals all year round, but will never rehome pets as surprise presents – they are a big responsibility and need dedicated time to help settle them into their new home.

“Our staff and volunteers will be here every day over the festive period to make Christmas as special as they can with toys and special treats for our animals including Larry, Lacey and Tom. Rescue dogs and cats come in all shapes and sizes – they may not be perfect, but they’re worth it.”

The average stay for a dog at Battersea Brands Hatch is 40 days and 23 days for a cat, but sadly for some of these long stay residents, they’re still waiting.


Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 4 years old

Bio: Lovable Larry has been here for over 155 days. He can be aloof at times when he is unsure of new people but once he gets to know you, you will be rewarded with an affectionate and loving dog who enjoys spending quality time with his favourite people. Larry’s enthusiasm can be a bit much for other dogs, so he will need ongoing training in this area, but he’s a very smart dog who likes to be kept busy learning new tricks. He loves a tennis ball so this is a useful tool he and his new owners can work with. Larry would love a quieter home with patient owners who are committed to carrying out training with him.


Breed: Mongrel

Age: 2 years old

Bio: Having spent almost 70 days in kennels, young Jessie came into Battersea Brands Hatch from overseas as a fun loving, high energy dog. Jessie would love a countryside escape with an active and outdoorsy owner who can take him on lots of fun adventures, or even have a dabble in some agility or obedience training – whatever the activity Jessie will be keen to get involved as he loves to be busy. Jessie is very friendly, but he does need some training around other dogs as he can often forget his manners. Owners who are willing to carry out training with him and keep up with his outgoing lifestyle would be his idea of perfect.



Breed: Domestic short-hair

Age: 2 years old

Bio: Tom is a big cuddly cat just waiting for a warm lap to curl up on during these winter months. His new owners should be willing to keep him fit and healthy providing him with lots of fun activities for him to explore. He would also appreciate lots of cosy spots in the home for him to have a quick nap. Tom has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) which is a slow-acting virus, most cats live long, happy and healthy lives, but in order to protect their health and other cats, Tom will need a home with an enclosed garden. Battersea can provide you with lots of tips and advice on how to safely ‘cat-proof’ your garden.

If you are interested in rehoming any of these animals, please visit

You can join the movement celebrating rescue by following #RescueIsMyFavouriteBreed.

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