Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Town Council extends prohibition of bonfires at one of Sevenoaks’ ‘green lungs’ following complaints

Allotment holders have been told they are prohibited from lighting bonfires at the Quaker’s Hall allotments in Sevenoaks until 31 August 2020.

A few complaints have been received from plot holders and from residential neighbours about the amount of bonfires being lit during the COVID 19 lockdown, and because the virus adversely affects the lungs and breathing, the Town Council do not feel it is fair to encourage something which could potentially cause breathing difficulties

Bonfires are already not permitted for the two months of July and August and Ruth King, the Council’s allotments manager, explains in a statement that the extension is actually for a little more than two months.

The Town Council hopes that its tenants understand that this decision has been made to address current COVID 19 concerns that people have with breathing and the benefits to the wider community.

There has recently been a huge upsurge in interest in renting an allotment, so there are many more people – including children – on the site than ever before.

The 11.5 acres of allotments, which are just off Quaker’s Hall Lane in the St John’s area of Sevenoaks, have been described many times as a ‘green lung’, and the Town Council is sure that tenants and local residents alike would like them to remain a lovely, clean and fresh place to take daily exercise in line with the government’s ruling, and to live alongside.

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