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On World Heart Day, September 29th, a Rapid Cardiac Assessment Service opened in Kent offering a quick diagnosis for heart problems

To coincide with World Heart Day on September 29th, KIMS Hospital opened a new private rapid cardiac assessment service for people who are worried about symptoms they may have with their heart, and want a quick diagnosis and advice from a specialist cardiologist.

The new service has been developed following growing concern from cardiologists about the number of people who are living with heart disease, which can go undetected. Today in the UK there are 7.6 million people living with Heart or Circulatory Disease* . Early detection and treatment of heart issues can help prevent serious complications.

KIMS Hospital is the only private provider to offer this Rapid Cardiac Assessment Service in Kent, which offers people a tailored set of tests appropriate to their symptoms following a triage call with a specialist cardiac nurse within 48 hours of enquiry. Costs for the bespoke range of tests and follow up appointment are confirmed upfront following the triage call. The tests are followed by a face to face appointment with a specialist cardiologist, who can advise on any further tests or treatment plans if appropriate.

Anne Hatswell, Cardiology Services Manager at KIMS Hospital, commented, “Unfortunately more and more people have concerns about their hearts, so it is fantastic to be able to offer this new private rapid access cardiac service to people in Kent. Our service complements the NHS who are fantastic dealing with emergencies but are unfortunately unable to meet the growing demand to test and diagnose people promptly who have concerns about their heart.”


Anne continued, ”Anyone who is experiencing symptoms relating their heart wants answers quickly, and with this new private service, we are able to provide that. Within two days of contacting us, they will have a bespoke set of tests arranged that will provide a detailed analysis of their heart which they will be able to talk through with a cardiac consultant, getting the reassurance or treatment plan they need quickly.

“Should further tests or treatment be needed, our expert cardiologists and cardiac nurses, and our interventional cardiology suite here at KIMS Hospital, provide a one stop cardiac service, enabling people to get on with their lives, knowing they are in good hands.”

Malcolm Greer, who came to KIMS Hospital following concerns regarding his heart, commented, “I walked out from my consultation with the cardiologist feeling truly cared for and as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I was impressed with how the teams all worked together in such a short space of time, it made my experience flow very nicely. It was the best money I have spent – you cannot put a price tag on your life.”

Call 01622 538 186 for details on the Rapid Access Cardiac Service.

* British Heart Foundation factsheet August 2022

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