Friday, April 12th, 2024

Hoads Kids Shoes catering for your children’s feet with a fantastic home delivery service

Hoads Shoe shop has been trading in Sevenoaks since 1889 and has survived two World Wars, various financial crashes and periods of economic uncertainty. With the unprecedented current situation, owner Jonty Hoad is going above and beyond to keep children in comfortable shoes. Jonty explains how Hoads Kids Shoes has morphed into Hoads Home Delivery and how he can help you.

“So, we (just me I’m afraid) are up and delivering shoes in the local area, today, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Goudhurst. Tomorrow, who knows. I’m sorry it’s just me and I apologise if I haven’t got back to everyone who has messaged me. I’ll work all weekend to try and catch up on the backlog. I’m also sorry I haven’t posted photos of shoes I have in stock but that’s a job I don’t have the hours for at the moment. 

Firstly, thank you (and I really mean it) to the local community for supporting me. I’ve had so many lovely messages of support. Today was amazing, I got a call at 8.30 from a grandma who wanted to buy vouchers for her 3 sets of grandchildren who live in Sevenoaks. I said to call me back but she said, “I’d rather WhatsApp as I’m in New Zealand”. She bought her kids in, during my dad’s generation and wanted to support the business. How lovely. 

But on to home delivery. It’s really simple. Text or preferably WhatsApp 07769652279 me your name, your address, the number of kids you need shoes for, for sizing… if you don’t know, draw round their feet as close as you can, send me the picture with as many measurements as you can and we will sort out it out.

Then (as quick as I can) I’ll Whatsapp you options on shoes. You then choose a selection. We arrange a date and time based on my timetable and your location.

I arrive. Leave the shoes outside. Wait while you try on. Any questions can be directed to me from a good distance and I can see (with 32 years of experience) how most shoes fit.

You leave any residue shoes outside. I call you in the evening to arrange payment over the phone using my shop card machine. No physical contact whatsoever. Simple.

My day. 08.00-12.30 Organising deliveries
              12.30-18.00 On the road
              18.00-19.30 Payments
               19.30-22.00 Contacting customers

Please bear with me if I haven’t got back to you. Please nag me if I’ve forgotten you. Please try and message me through WhatsApp.

Above all. Please stay safe.”

Jonty Hoad

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