Monday, June 24th, 2024

Golfers wear traditional attire and use hickory clubs for match held at Wildernesse Golf Club

Wildernesse Golf Club hosted its fifth Hickory Golf match recently, when players use historic equipment and dress in traditional clothing to compete for the coveted Hickory Salver.

Wildernesse Golf Club played against the British Golf Collectors Society, a team comprised of golfers from England, Sweden and Australia. Players from both teams entered into the spirit of the day and were appropriately dressed in period attire of ‘plus fours’, ­– traditional golfing trousers – a shirt and tie.

The event attracted spectators keen to see players use the pre-1935 hickory golf clubs. The game was won by Wildernesse by six and a half to three and a half, bringing the score to date to Wildernesse 2, the British Golf Collectors Society 2 and one match halved.

Tony Hunt from Wildernesse organised the match and supplied the Wildernesse team with their full sets of Hickory Clubs

After the match, he said: “This Hickory Golf Match is always good fun and we are thrilled to have once again hosted the event.  With the overseas players, the old equipment and traditional attire, it’s a great day for everyone involved.”

A number of the players who featured in this match will shortly be travelling to America to contest an International Hickory match against a USA team in Dallas, Texas.

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