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Get A Drip Sevenoaks has launched – here’s how you can get 30% off your IV Vitamin Drip

By 2025, it’s estimated that the global wellness industry will be worth an eye-watering £5.7 trillion (yes, that’s trillion with a capital T!!). It’s little wonder that huge amounts of time and resource are being pumped into the industry to bring some much-coveted treatments to the main market.

IV Vitamin Drips have sky-rocketed in popularity – for good reason – and are showing no signs of slowing down. Previously available only by referral from a GP or privately acquired by the elite A-list, IV therapy is now accessible and affordable for all and you don’t need to have a medical issue to benefit either!

Cryojuvenate is a multi-award-winning cryotherapy and sports therapy clinic, currently in its 7th year, on Sevenoaks High Street. From its conception, Cryojuvenate has been providing the good people of Kent with cutting edge treatments that kickstart the body’s natural healing process. Even better? London treatments but at local prices… we like that!

We spoke to Ruth Hyde, Cryojuvenate founder and all-round female force of nature to impart some wisdom on us about IV therapy.

Why did you join the Get A Drip franchise?

We’ve actually been offering IV therapy at Cryojuvenate for years, it’s nothing new for us! Last year, however, a change in legislation meant we needed to put the service on pause so we could do the work behind-the-scenes to meet the new regulations. It was during this downtime that I connected with Get A Drip, whose long-term vision is miles ahead than that of their closest competitors.

Get A Drip are an international wellness clinic and are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and have their own dedicated team of doctors who prescribe to us. In terms of a business move, it made total sense to capitalize on their expansive knowledge and resources to bring back one of our most popular services in a big way. Very exciting times ahead!

What is IV therapy and what are the benefits?

IV stands for intravenous and, in medical terms, intravenous means “within a vein.” IV therapy is a treatment that administers nutrients, minerals, vitamins and hydration directly into a vein and therefore directly into the bloodstream.

By receiving vitamins intravenously means they’re 100% bioavailable for the body to use and absorb. When you take vitamins orally, much of the goodness may be lost when passing through the digestive tract.

What’s more, even when we do our best to follow a balanced and healthy diet, it’s still deceivingly hard to reach the recommended daily amount of micronutrients that our bodies need to function at an optimum level. For example, the government’s National Diet and Nutrition Survey showed that 1 in 6 adults in the UK have low levels of vitamin D in their blood.

Further to that, the British Nutrition Foundation found that “that almost half of British adults (49%) are not aware of the government’s recommendation to consider taking vitamin D supplements during the autumn and winter months.”

What happens during a typical IV Vitamin Drip treatment?

First, you come in for a free consultation with one of our incredible nurses, Brogan, Rachelle and Sarah.

Both of our nurses are fully registered with nursing degrees and have a mix of experience across working within the NHS and private health sectors and have undertaken Get A Drip’s rigorous training protocol.

Based on what they learn about you during your consultation i.e. your goals, lifestyle, medical history etc., they’ll advise you on the most beneficial drip for you. Your drip can even be customised further by adding extra ingredients (at an additional cost).

You’ll be made comfy in our private treatment room where the nurse will insert a canular into your arm or hand. This is the only slightly uncomfortable part of the treatment, but it’s not painful, expect a sharp scratch just like when you go for a blood test. I’ve lost count of the number of cannulations I’ve had during the training process and can say that my girls are the best!

Once you’ve been cannulated, you’ll be hooked up to your drip and you can rest and relax for 45 minutes while all of that goodness is fed into your system. A fairly quick treatment with long-lasting results.

What type of drips are on offer?

The Get A Drip range of IV drips is extensive, explore the full range and what they each do here.

  • Hydration Drip
  • MultiVit Drip
  • Detox Drip or Double Detox Drip
  • Immunity Drip
  • Energy Drip
  • Fitness Drip
  • Anti-Ageing Drip
  • Hair Health Drip
  • Skin Health Drip
  • High Dose of Vitamin C Drip
  • NAD+ Drip

What other services are available at Get A Drip Sevenoaks?

We’ll soon be operating a mobile IV Drip service! One of our registered nurses can deliver IV therapy to you within the comfort of your own home! We’ll be serving the Dartford, Maidstone and Sevenoaks areas to start with.

Vitamin booster injections

A quick and affordable health boost with long-lasting results. Keep your vitamin, mineral and nutrient levels topped up so your body and mind can thrive against the chaos of everyday life.

From a Slim Shot to aide weight loss to a Biotin Shot to keep hair, skin and nails looking lush, check out our vitamin injections here.

DNA, Blood & Diagnostics testing

Uncrack the code that’s hidden within your blood and DNA! We offer different testing methods that can quickly identify deficiencies and put a spotlight on other health indicators. Results are reviewed by one of the Get A Drip GMC registered doctors and a detailed personalised report will be provided to you along with suggestions for your next steps.

Blood testing

  • General health check
  • Male/female wellness check
  • Sports performance check
  • Complete blood analysis

DNA testing

    • DNA testing is the best way to find out exactly how your body responds and metabolises certain nutrients. Your DNA never changes so you will only ever need one DNA test

Gut microbiome testing

Instant Vitamin D blood test – find out if you’re deficient in just 15 minutes!

Learn more about our diagnostics testing here.


When I left my career in the city in 2016 I was determined to go into an industry that helped people.   That was the beginning of my Cryotherapy journey …..when I launched Cryojuvenate in 2017. 

Since covid, I believe there is so much more awareness around individual health and much more understanding around general nutrition and common deficiencies. Launching Get A Drip Sevenoaks is an extension of the ongoing development of Cryojuvenate and I am so excited to be partnering with the force of Get A Drip to bring a fantastic menu of vitamins and testing to Sevenoaks.  

Launching this new this service and helping even more people is the goal… just like ‘Richard Chambers’ who founded Get A Drip because of his desire to supplement his own health due to his ongoing Type 1 Diabetes.


30% off your first IV Vitamin Drip at Get A Drip Sevenoaks

To celebrate our launch on Saturday 23 September, we’re offering you 30% off your FIRST IV Vitamin Drip at Get A Drip Sevenoaks.

Check out the full range of IV Vitamin Drips here.

Book now and get 30% off.

Terms & conditions: Subject to availability. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Valid at Get A Drip Sevenoaks only. Only valid on your FIRST vitamin drip with Get A Drip Sevenoaks. Offer is for IV drips only and excludes vitamin injections and diagnostics testing. Offer valid up to and including 31st October 2023.


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