Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

Vitality Homes

Vitality Home Health offers exceptional care in your own home.  If you need simple support for shopping or just getting up and dressed in the morning, or if you need more complex ongoing support, we offer an extensive range of services including; daily visits, overnight care, respite care and live-in care, for a range of health conditions.  All our staff are friendly, compassionate and highly skilled.  Our team is experienced in helping people every step of the way, whether you’re newly diagnosed, living with a long-term condition, or needing gentle palliative care or holistic support at the end of your life.

We offer practical and emotional support for you with additional support, if required, from our Vitality GPs.

Among the many services, we offer ‘Home to Decide. ’This service has been put into place because people have no options if the hospital deems them unable to return home, effectively they require 24/7 care. This is a realistic option to see if they can effectively manage back at home, with a package of care underpinning a 4-week trial period.  At the end of the 4 weeks, we would hold a review meeting, where all observations are discussed. The customer would voice their opinion on the service also. If at the end of the meeting, the customer and family feel that a nursing or residential home is the preferred option, we would continue to care until a home is sourced.  If a decision is made to remain at home, we will continue with the care package that best suits your needs.

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