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West Kent Mind’s mission to help Sevenoaks ‘get well, stay well and to thrive’

Providing stability, advice and support to individuals in and around Sevenoaks is at the heart of what West Kent Mind do. A local charity that offers an accessible anchor of solace for anyone struggling to manage a mental health problem. With clear, informed and high quality support from an experienced and compassionate team who run a range of services from counselling, practical activities such as gardening, photography, art and music groups, to specialised support programmes, mental health workshops, and training courses for individuals and workplaces, the charity are here to lift the worry and help put coping strategies into practice for everyday life. Their message is clear, which is ‘if you or someone you know is going through a difficult time, reach out and be heard – we are here to listen and support you’.

Listening to the worries of those battling the burdens of a mental health problem has been indispensable to many during the recent unchartered waters of the pandemic. With the charity having seen a 39% increase over the past 18 months of people requiring their services for help with existing and new mental health problems, the spike in demand has highlighted that such reoccurring pressures and anxieties has by no means been specific to age, background or gender.

However, there is now light beginning to shine at the end of the tunnel, and with Covid restrictions now gradually dissolving, an increase in face to face interaction has lifted the spirits of many who previously felt isolated, lonely and disconnected. Through a range of inclusive activities such as the recent performance by the charity’s music group in Bligh’s Meadow, the uplifting and joyous event was a reminder of how community involvement can be a powerful means of boosting morale. A similar boost in spirits is also reflected through the charity’s use of outdoor activities such as their successful Sevenoaks Garden group. Combining social interaction with the proven therapeutic benefits of being outside amongst nature, this support programme has promoted a positive impact on the minds of many for its quite literal offering of a ‘breath of fresh air.’

A fresh perspective on the taboo topic of mental health is one that West Kent Mind strives to implement. With a range of inspiring and exciting events on the horizon; including World Mental Health Day on October 10th, an online auction on October 15th offering a selection of prizes donated by local businesses, to a half marathon in Brighton on 22nd February 2022 – there is indeed much to look forward to whilst raising awareness and money for this worthy cause. To get involved, then visit West Kent Mind’s website where you will find details of all upcoming events, as well as the list of auction prizes to be won.

In the meantime, it is the little wins that can often lift our spirits, and with their affiliation with National Mind charity, West Kent Mind are encouraging people to #DoOneThing for world mental health day in order to feel more positive in yourself. This can be something as small as texting a friend, baking a cake or simply going for a walk. With the power of social media, the spread of this message will undoubtedly raise more awareness and respect for mental health sufferers, whilst motivating individuals to ‘get well, stay well and to thrive’.

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