Sunday, May 26th, 2024

Are you ready to take on the Sevenoaks ‘Samarathon’?

The Sevenoaks Samaritan’s team are excited to announce that their biggest fundraiser of the year is just around the corner. Launched during mental health awareness week, ‘Samarathon’ is a chance to reconnect with loved ones and nature throughout the month of July, whilst helping to raise funds for the Sevenoaks Samaritans team. With the goal of completing 26.2 miles by means of walking, jogging, running or cycling, participants will undoubtedly reap the bountiful benefits of physical activity in the great outdoors.

Set up during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Sevenoaks Samaritan’s branch has trained over 80 listening and support volunteers to help cope with the main charity’s increasing caller demands. With over 1 million calls taken last year from callers in distress, the charity’s requirement for volunteers is ever growing. Not only does the Sevenoaks team anticipate on meeting caller’s needs on a 24 hour basis, but training also encompasses online support so that individuals in despair are able to reach out and seek comfort in a way most convenient for them.

Convenience is also at the heart of ‘Samarathon’. Suitable for all, the July event is a great opportunity for families and friends to get together, or work colleagues to bond outside of the office. Those taking part can reach the 26.2 miles at their own pace and in their own time. Even by completing just a few KM per day, you will be on track to reach the target.

So if you are ready to take on Samarthon, sign up today and help raise money and awareness for this inspiring charity. Simply follow this link: chose Sevenoaks Branch to support. If others would like to donate, they can do so at: or get in touch to find out about volunteering:

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