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Wills for new parents – protect your most valuable asset says Thackray Williams

Sevenoaks solicitors Thackray Williams explains why it is important to make a Will. And to make it easier they are offering to make a free home visit

IF you are expecting, or have just welcomed your brand-new bundle of joy into the world, then it is understandable if you feel you have better things to think about than making your Will.

Let’s be honest, it is a major achievement to get dressed in the morning, let alone to leave the house and be on time for an appointment at a lawyer’s office. But think about this. What would happen if you don’t make a Will and you and/or your partner die?

We believe that everyone should make a Will. But the Will isn’t for our benefit. It isn’t even really for your benefit. Your Will is for your child.

Making a Will gives you complete peace of mind and ensures that your child is in the best possible position if the worst happens to you.

Your Will allows you to appoint guardians of your child if they are under 18 when you pass away. It is also an opportunity to protect your child’s inheritance.

Many people say that if they die first they would like to provide for their partner/spouse, but be able to protect assets for the children if the spouse ever remarried and started a new family. You can achieve this in your Will.

 * Thackray Williams is offering a FREE home visit when you instruct them to prepare your will. This offer is available to families with a valid NHS Maternity Exemption Certificate or for families on Shared Parental Leave or Adoption Leave, and living in post code areas BR5, BR6, TN13, TN14, TN15 and TN16. On receiving your instructions to prepare Wills on your behalf, Thackray Williams will waive their usual call out fee.

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