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The Spark Behind Fire Leaves: The Creative Editorial Agency

What is it that turns a good book into a great book? The sort of book that is so rich and compelling that you simply cannot put it down? Unquestionably it starts with a talented and creative author, but the key to a truly successful book is in the editing.

This is something known very well to local author Phillip Drown. With a passion for exceptional books and quality writing, Phillip understands exactly what is required to elevate a story to the highest publishable standard. Working closely with authors, Phillip helps to develop stories into something quite exceptional: assessing every chapter, every page, and each word of a story in order to fine tune and perfect a writer’s pride and joy. This combination of enthusiasm and talent led Phillip to found Fire Leaves: a book editing service and consultancy that is open to authors of all abilities.

Phillip Drown

From first time budding writers to established novelists, the work of an editor is indispensable, essential to every author who wants to succeed. It is this yearning for less average and more outstanding books that sparked Phillip’s desire to make his passion a reality. With an enduring love of words and a wealth of experience, he considers it a privilege to be able to share his skills, showing authors how to transform their work into something superb, igniting its true potential. This reality has proven a success since Fire Leaves was founded in December 2020. With commissions coming his way, Phillip’s focus is on inclusivity and diversity, offering his editorial talents to writers of any age or standard, writing in any genre, and from any background.

These times of the pandemic have brought both ups and downs to many individuals, a time in which people have taken up new skills and tried new hobbies, and Phillip has noted a spark in many imaginations during lockdown, with creative writing projects providing a welcome outlet of escape for both new and existing authors. For those wishing to explore their literary talents, Phillip emphasises the importance of writing first for yourself when embarking on a short story or novel, exploring and discovering talents that you might not know you had. Once you have refined your work as far as you can – or even if you find yourself stuck and need of direction – employing the expertise of a skilled editor will then unleash the full potential of your story, while also teaching you new skills that you can take forward into all future projects.

For authors interested in using Fire Leaves to ignite their work, visit Phillip’s website to find out more information: Edits are charged at a flat rate of £8 per 1,000 words. However, in line with his belief of inclusivity – creating a service that is available to all authors, new or experienced – for any lower income families or those who have been adversely affected by the pandemic, please get in touch with Phillip and he will be happy to discuss a personalised plan so that every writer is able to benefit from the proficiency and perspective of an editor.

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