Friday, June 14th, 2024

Meet Samir Moftah

Positivity, friendliness and proactivity are just a few of the attributes that Samir Moftah brings to Manak Solicitors in Sevenoaks. Having lived and trained in Kent for many years, Samir’s expertise as a multi disciplinary solicitor means he is able to offer locals a robust and cost effective solution to a variety of queries. These range from Employment Law, Settlement Agreements, Litigation including contractual disputes, landlord, tenant and contested probate, to Crime including motoring offences and fare evasion. Whatever the problem may be, Samir’s confident and efficient approach puts his clients at ease by providing them with trusted and well considered advice.

This advice will be indispensable to many employees and businesses in the coming months as furlough gradually winds to an end. With the demand for settlement agreements expected to increase as businesses will have to survive on their sole incomes, and consequently this will result in many redundancies and litigation cases; Samir’s diverse knowledge in employment law will undoubtably take the stresses away.

Commended for offering excellent customer experience alongside his resolution skills, Samir’s clients find that they are able to use his services again and again to achieve their desired outcome, as there are often crossovers in a number of areas of law. Not only does this save individuals time, but it allows clients to build a rapport whilst investing their trust and confidence.

“Samir Moftah was a delight to work with, absolutely efficient, highly conscientious. Samir made a potentially complicated process relating to employment law remarkably easy, and smoothly took all my problems away. He has excellent interpersonal skills, and is gifted at translating legal rhetoric into the language or mere mortals. I would definitely work with this Solicitor again”. – Client, Marcus Wood

Samir will be sharing both his interpersonal skills and legal wisdom in the up and coming Sevenoaks Chamber of Commerce meeting. With over 80 attendees expected to be present, he will be hosting a 10 minute speech discussing what Manak is able to offer the Sevenoaks community. A key feature to his speech will entail how he believes prevention is better than cure. This belief is a thread that runs throughout all of his services in which he repeatedly aims to keep client’s costs down by preventing disputes escalating to expensive litigation cases. A deep desire to help protect businesses and save on future costs through strategic and pragmatic advice is what makes Samir an indispensable member of the local community.

For local residents, businesses and employees requiring assistance in resolving a dispute, then contact Manak Solicitors to arrange a meeting and find out how you could benefit from the varied range of services that Samir has to offer.

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