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Meet Ruth Hyde, Founder of Cryojuvenate.

Since swapping a corporate life in the hustle and bustle of the city, Ruth Hyde is now the proud founding owner of the multi-award winning Cryotherapy clinic in Sevenoaks. Boasting an extensive list of loyal clients from professional athletes, A-list celebrities to many within the local community, Ruth and her team offer a wide range of therapeutic treatments using the pioneering and rejuvenating benefits of Cryotherapy.     


Health and wellness has always been an enduring passion for Ruth. As an avid fitness enthusiast herself, an opportunity to pursue a career in this industry was sparked by a desire to manage her own debilitating health conditions. As a young sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis, cartilage replacements and calcific tendonitis, much research eventually led Ruth to the restorative perks of Cryotherapy. An innovative treatment that uses sub zero temperatures combined with cutting edge technology to speed up recovery and re-energise the body.   

Offering a vast array of health boosting treatments at her clinic, Ruth is always keen to share her knowledge and explore new territory within the health industry. With popular treatments such as the whole body Cryotherapy chamber, clients can benefit from a reduction in pain, chronic inflammation and fatigue. For assistance in the recovery of illness, jet lag, hangovers, and to restore vitamin and nutrient levels, then the IV Infusions provide an ideal solution to revitalise for a feeling of overall wellbeing. To further promote optimum vitality, there are a selection of Vitamin Booster shots to elevate energy, burn fat and supplement for healthier hair and nails. Providing an opportunity to lift many individual’s health, Cryojuvenate also offer treatments to improve aesthetic appearances. For example, a Cyro Facial delivers a reinvigorating and refreshing boost to the skin. There is also a solution to minimise body imperfections with a Cryo Body Sculpt which tightens and firms the skin, or the use of Cryotherapy in a pen (CryoPen®) to correct most minor flaws.


Which ever transformative treatment is carried out, Ruth ensures that her team adhere to the strictest of guidelines and controls. With research continuously evolving, an attention to detail combined with a committed thorough approach sees Ruth working relentlessly in order to expand and develop her treatment offering. It is this desire to evolve and deliver advanced new treatments that has led her to collaborate with the University of Kent in a new research project to unearth the uplifting benefits of Cryotherapy among ‘perimenopausal’ women. The fascinating study revealed a tremendous 40-50% improvement in sleep and an overall 52% decrease in cortisol levels, proving that Cryotherapy reduces stress, thus positively impacting mental health.    

An aspiration to help, combined with an infectious enthusiasm and selfless nature, Ruth has contributed to countless charitable causes over the years. She is a leading example of a committed member of the local community, and continues to inspire and collaborate with those around her. Despite the precarious times of Covid 19, Ruth has remained creative and resilient in order to ensure her business continues to thrive and that her employees livelihoods survive. Now having been back full time since April, the team at Cryojuvenate have been gladly overwhelmed with back to back bookings for those in pursuit of the restorative powers of Cryotherapy.

The future continues to shine bright for Ruth and her business, with a new branded app now available in Apple and Google Stores, and hopes of a mobile wagon that will travel around to various locations to deliver a list of therapeutic treatments. Despite the cold delivery of Cryotherapy, each individual that braves its transformative benefits will most certainly be warmed by the presence of Ruth and her friendly team.   Cryotherapy in Sevenoaks

For more information about what Cryojuvenate offer, then call the clinic on +44 (0) 1732 449411 or get in touch via their website:

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