Saturday, April 13th, 2024

Gretel – Bringing lost accounts, pensions and investments back home. Sevenoaks company can help find your lost money

Three Sevenoaks-based entrepreneurs – Duncan Stevens, Tom Simmonds and Ashley Hollands have launched ‘Gretel’, a new online financial hub built to help the public reconnect with their lost or forgotten money.

In the UK, there is £50 billion in lost or forgotten money spread across almost every financial product imaginable. These entitlements are due to some 20 million people.

Gretel uses smart technology to identify where customers might have left money behind and then helps them to reclaim it. Gretel is designed to cover the whole financial services industry in the UK, including bank accounts, pensions, child trust funds, premium bonds, investments and life insurance policies.

In a challenging economy, more families are having to reassess their finances and are looking to their savings just to keep up with everyday expenses; many are taking out emergency loans and requesting payment holidays. Amid this tough environment, being able to find and reclaim lost money could make a real difference.

Membership to the Gretel platform and its use are totally FREE – the Founders believe that consumers are entitled to receive all of the value of the money due to them and should not have to pay to get back what is rightfully theirs.

Gretel is open for pre-registration now at: with a full launch planned for later this year. Duncan, Tom and Ashley are committed to helping customers recover their lost money, and look forward to welcoming you to the growing Gretel community.

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