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Firework fears and your pets – Pennard Vets in Sevenoaks offers advice during Guy Fawkes season and beyond

The firework season can be an incredibly stressful period for our pets, these days it doesn’t just happen over one weekend but rather a series of weeks, followed by the New Year’s Eve celebrations. It can be relentless for our stressed-out pets. Pennard Vets have provided some tips to help relieve your animals of their worries.


Start building a den now so your dog has plenty of time to get used to it. Locate it somewhere your dog feels secure, a spot they already use to hide. Make it cosy, comfortable and near a DAP diffuser. Fill it with cosy bedding, and maybe an unwashed top so it’s full of your scent. Place their water bowl nearby so they don’t have to venture far for a drink. Encourage your dog to go into their den with treats and toys, and if they go in of their own accord make sure they receive plenty of praise. They will only associate the den with good things.

Walkies: Make sure they are walked earlier in the day – before it becomes dark and the fireworks begin.

Curtains: Keep curtains and windows closed, put on the TV or some music – to help muffle the sound and flashing lights.

On the Night: Let your dog pace, whine, hide. Do not try to coax them out, or soothe them. This reinforces that there is something to worry about. Act as if nothing unusual is going on. Do play with them if it will help to distract them.


Plug in a diffuser (in a room where they spend the most time) at least 48 hours before you expect the fireworks. This will help to increase their feelings of security.

Exercise: Make sure the cat flap is closed and they cannot escape the house and run away. It’s the perfect time to have your cat’s microchip checked, just in case.

Hiding: If your cat hides under the bed, or on top of the wardrobe leave them, its where they feel the safest.

Curtains: Keep curtains and windows closed, put on the TV or some music – to help muffle the sound and flashing lights.

Facilities: Make sure your cat has access to food, water, and a litter tray – don’t be surprised if they don’t use them whilst the fireworks are on.

Small Furries

Cages and outside hutches should be moved to a shed or garage if possible.

Bedding: Provide extra bedding so they can burrow.

Face the Fence: If possible turn the hutch round to face a fence if you cannot move it indoors.

Wrap in blankets: Help muffle the sound with blankets – BUT make sure they have enough ventilation.

Most importantly be prepared. If you have any questions or would like to see what is available to help, please contact Pennard Vets.

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