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Faces of the Care Industry: Real Tales From Carers At Bluebird Care in Sevenoaks

Picture in your mind’s eye a career that opens professional doors, provides a healthy work/life balance and is both fulfilling and enriching. The care industry is widely regarded as one of the most rewarding career paths out there today. The service itself is essential and the need for quality care is on the rise. The industry is growing every day with an abundance of opportunities.

What’s the best way to gage what it’s really like? Go straight to the source and speak to the employees. The team at Bluebird Care in Sevenoaks is recruiting for the next generation of carers and have handed the mic over to its carers to let their experiences speak for themselves.


“Bluebird care is the most supportive team I have worked under. All of our customers and carers are absolutely amazing! I have been part of the office team since early 2022 and could not imagine working anywhere else!”


Discovering Fulfilment and Purpose at Bluebird Care in Sevenoaks

Bluebird Care, Sevenoaks opened its doors in 2011, becoming part of a family-owned franchise with a legacy of providing quality care for over 20 years.

The main reason for the increasing need for care is that people are generally living much longer, medical advancements able to treat more complex needs and, understandably, wanting to stay in their own homes with all their own comforts for as long as possible.

As we mentioned, a good indicator of employee satisfaction is by taking a looking at employee retention (how long an employee stays with an employer). Many of the staff at the Sevenoaks branch have been there since it’s launch in 2011 – that’s 13 years and counting! To put that into perspective, multiple surveys found that the UK average for staying with an employer is a mere 4-5 years.

What’s more, these employees have been promoted through the ranks – a perfect demonstration of a company investing in its people and furthering careers.

A career at Bluebird Care in Sevenoaks makes you a part of something bigger.


Join the Movement: 5 Reasons Why Being A Carer Is A Great Career Move


Curious about becoming a carer? There are many reasons why you’d want to work at Bluebird Care, Sevenoaks but here are our top 5:



Make a real difference

The impact of your work is tangible, you will see it every time you’re with a client. Putting a smile on someone’s face, knowing you are making their life a little bit easier, easing the burden for their family and friends. Creating new friendships, offering a respite from loneliness and restoring quality of life.

That feeling is incomparable.


Be a part of a friendly, hardworking, warm-hearted team of people

Bluebird Care, Sevenoaks has cultivated a positive workplace culture, a place where you can feel truly valued, supported, and invested in. Your colleagues are your biggest cheerleaders.


No two days are the same

They say variety is the spice of life! And it’s the variety of the role that’s one of the most exciting aspects of a care role. You’ll visit new places and meet new people. If being tied to a computer from 9-5 sounds hellish to you, a career as a Carer could be for you!



The nature of a role in care is built around flexibility. Bluebird Care encourages and respects the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and the diversity of the role complements this perfectly.


Opportunities to grow and progress

Bluebird Care provides a thorough training programme (with a bonus payment when you complete!). Learn new skills to catapult your career. The team are fully behind you and will be there to support you through the steps to help you reach your potential and will always work with you on your career goals so you can keep moving on up – the sky is the limit!


If you a caring, passionate and empathetic individual with the desire to learn and make a difference, check out the current job vacancies at Bluebird Care here.



Real life tales of a Bluebird Care Carer

Now we hand over the people on the ground, the unsung heroes of the care world. These Bluebird carers do incredible things day in and day out.


Carer group pic from bluebird


Margaret – 10 years at Bluebird Care, Sevenoaks


What do I love about my role as a Carer?

  1. Meeting and getting to know mostly elderly people from very different walks of life.
  2. Listening to interesting life stories of many of the people I care for.
  3. When as a Carer one can feel that a person is happier and a little less lonely as a result of your care visit.
  4. Knowing that after a care visit to a bed bound not well person, you have made them feel more refreshed and more comfortable and really cared for.
  5. Enjoying meeting and getting to know Carer colleagues whom you know have the same outlook on life regarding empathy and care of vulnerable people.
  6. Witnessing growing trust from a client in relation to oneself and one’s colleagues as a result of the care we all give and the relationship we build with a client.


A word of advice regarding a person who may be thinking of moving into care:


Please do not hesitate; give yourself the opportunity to experience the world of Care and, importantly, take your time to grow into the role over time. It takes a while to really appreciate all the facets of caring for a vulnerable person. In time you will come to realise what a special and privileged role it is to have in life.




I love the fact that every day is different. Going in to see my clients, I love to make them smile and have a giggle with them. I love hearing about their lives, how long they have lived in their homes, how they met their husband/wife, and they love being able to talk about their lives.

To anyone wanting to become a carer, I would tell them that it is the most rewarding job you can do. It’s making a difference to people’s lives. Job satisfaction.



I have worked for Bluebird for 4 and a half years.  I love helping people and I leave my visits knowing I’ve made a difference to their day.  Also listening to people’s stories about their life.

Anyone thinking about a career in care, I would say go for it, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

It’s incredibly rewarding career and the flexible hours have ensured I can still get lots of quality time with my children.



I was made redundant after 30 years in office work during the Covid pandemic and decided I didn’t want to go back to another similar job and wanted something completely different – I love meeting new people and helping others so chose caring immediately. I went on the internet found a Bluebird advert, had a video interview and the rest is history. Have been here for just over 3 years and genuinely love my job.

I do also do it for the flexibly it gives me around the needs of my own family members.

The role is so much more than I ever imagined, it’s not just about personal care – that’s probably the smaller side – it’s assistance in everyday living and having a positive effect on others mental wellbeing helping them to remain in their own homes. The rewards are my own home life balance, physical fitness and my own mental wellbeing, my working life is happier now than it’s ever been.

The ability to walk into a stranger’s house and for them to like and feel comfortable with you within minutes is a gift you have and so rewarding, by the end of the call you’ve got a new friend.

The stories you hear and the things you learn along the way are amazing, you meet such interesting people, everyone has a story to tell and they love you to listen

You don’t need lots of qualifications, just a big smile, positive attitude, kindness, consideration and a lot of common sense, treat others how you’d like to be treated yourself and you can’t go wrong.



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