Friday, June 14th, 2024

Delicious ice creams and sorbets galore now available from The Chocolate Shop

THE Chocolate Shop in London Road, Sevenoaks, can now bring you the taste of a traditional seaside treat here in town.

The owners have searched (and tasted!) far and wide across Kent to find the most delicious Gelato ice creams and sorbets.

“We wanted to find something really special but, as with the wines and spirits we are now selling, we wanted to stick to local suppliers,” said Tina Fenner who, along with her business partner, Clare Bain have had the ‘difficult’ task of sampling many, many different brands.

The final result is that at The Chocolate Shop you can now choose from a range of the most amazing flavours which burst on your tongue with every lick, from chocolate to caramel, mint to mango sorbet, or you can crunch into a cone of cookie monster.  They’ve not forgotten those with more conservative taste, with vanilla and strawberry still being firm favourites in a recent online poll they ran.

There are sauces, sprinkles and toppings to help

You can also create your very own flavour combinations by using the different sauces, sprinkles and toppings now available. There are small cones available for little ones and wooden rather than plastic spoons come with the tubs.

You have the choice of one, two or three scoops in a cone or a tub and if you order ‘The Works’ you get one to three scoops, toppings, sauce and any chocolate , to finish off your ‘creation’. You can choose from the shop’s famous range of nearly 300 different chocolates and truffles

So, that’ll be one scoop chocolate, one scoop mint, one scoop of maybe mango or prosecco sorbet… and just pop a champagne truffle on the top please!

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