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Conservatives maintain majority of seats on Sevenoaks District Council in local elections – plus who is in and who is out on the Town Council

THE Conservative group won the majority of the seats on the District Council following the recent local council elections on Thursday 2 May.

The breakdown by party is:

Conservative 46

Hextable Independent 2

Independent 1

Labour 1

Liberal Democrat 3

No Party Description 1

The count took place on Friday 3 May at Sevenoaks Leisure Centre.

For a full list of elected Sevenoaks District Councillors and more information go to:

In the elections for Sevenoaks Town Council the seats are split between eight Conservative councillors and eight Liberal Democrat councillors. The results were as follows:

EASTERN WARD (Turnout: 36.75%)

ARNOLD, Stephen Leslie (Conservative) 228

CLAYTON, Anthony Styles (Liberal Democrats) 798 Elected

ESLER, Diana Lesley (Conservative) 285

MORRIS BROWN, Thomas Carlo (Liberal Democrats) 749 Elected

SCHNEIDER, Oliver Dennis (Conservative) 210

WAITE, Edward Temple (Liberal Democrats) 706 Elected

ST JOHNS WARD (Turnout: 38.84%)

CAMP, Susan (Liberal Democrats) 487 Elected

CHAKOWA, Maxine April (Conservative) 290

HOGARTH, Roderick Myron Clancey (Conservative) 398 Elected

RAIKES, Simon Goulden (Conservative) 434 Elected

KIPPINGTON WARD (Turnout 34.55%)

EYRE, Andrew Wake (Conservative) 765 Elected

KINSLER, Doreen Catherine (Liberal Democrats) 575

PARRY, Richard James (Conservative) 663 Elected

PIPER, Robert Lund (Conservative) 724 Elected


CANET, Jean Merilyn (Liberal Democrats) 630 Elected

CHAKOWA, Bryan Edley (Conservative) 272

GRANVILLE-BAXTER, Victoria (Liberal Democrats) 553 Elected

LAKE, Simon Strickland (Conservative) 374

SHEA, Claire Elizabeth (Liberal Democrats) 545 Elected

TOWELL, Paul Edward (Conservative) 378

TOWN WARD (Turnout: 34.40%)

BONIN, Keith Patrick (Conservative) 492 Elected

BUSVINE, Nicholas John Lewis (Conservative) 535 Elected

MCHENRY, John Joseph (Conservative) 435

MICHAELIDES, Lise Shay (Liberal Democrats) 452 Elected


PARRY Rachel Elizabeth, (Conservative) 

For more results from Parish Councils in the Sevenoaks District area CLICK HERE

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