Monday, June 24th, 2024

The Health Boost

The Health Boost is run by Kat and Val, Sevenoaks based mums. Kat is a registered nutritional therapist and Val is a personal trainer. They share their love of food, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle through their business, focusing on healthy recipes, good nutrition and a balanced approach to life that is suitable for busy mums.
Kat specialises in female hormone health and weight loss. She helps women to find and treat the root cause of their health and weight issues through bespoke nutrition, weight loss and lifestyle programmes. She offers a variety of different consultations to suit everyone from one-off dietary or blood checks to 6 week or 3 month packages.
Val focuses on a personalised and balanced approach to physical activity with a specific interest in strength training for women. She strongly believes that exercise should be a fun and social activity that benefits the mind as well as the body. She operates from Form boutique gym in Sevenoaks.
Over 250 healthy and delicious recipes can be found on their website. They are available for talks and workshops for local businesses and small groups of friends. They run retreats and workshops on a variety of different topics from their very popular menopause retreats to gut health and sleep.
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