Friday, March 31st, 2023



We are delighted to announce that Dawn Blee has joined the Sevenoaks District Chamber of Commerce and will be taking over from Julie Phillips as CEO. This appointment marks the next chapter for the Chamber, as Dawn will navigate the Chamber and support local businesses, with a focus on recovery and regeneration following the Covid Pandemic.Dawn is an experienced business owner. She was co-founder of South East Tour Guides which makes her experience particularly relevant to our local Chamber as someone who has set up and grown her own business for the past twelve years. Concurrent with this, Dawn has

Mark Tuvey has built a strong reputation serving the Sevenoaks community over his years spent as Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. His sense of commitment and tenacity is now invested in his own budding business ConnectaGroup. Based in Sevenoaks, ConnectaGroup supply Phone, Energy and Payment Solutions for a variety of small to medium enterprises. By working with award-winning solution providers, ConnectaGroup strive to improve operational effectiveness, customer satisfaction and streamlined, affordable solutions.[caption id="attachment_13479" align="aligncenter" width="264"] Mark Tuvey[/caption]Providing a personable and effective service using products of the highest quality is paramount to Mark. This ethos is reflected in his supportive

What is it that turns a good book into a great book? The sort of book that is so rich and compelling that you simply cannot put it down? Unquestionably it starts with a talented and creative author, but the key to a truly successful book is in the editing. This is something known very well to local author Phillip Drown. With a passion for exceptional books and quality writing, Phillip understands exactly what is required to elevate a story to the highest publishable standard. Working closely with authors, Phillip helps to develop stories into something quite exceptional: assessing every chapter,

From highly accomplished chef to soon to be local Fishmonger, Greg Chester is transferring his passion for food by opening a fishmongers in Sevenoaks town on June 15th. Having worked in some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in the UK, Greg’s wealth of experience and knowledge has amplified his appreciation for the best and freshest quality ingredients. It is this quality and freshness combined with a warm smile that he will be serving the customers of Sevenoaks this summer. A career as a chef had always been an enduring ambition for Greg since his home economics lessons provided an

As managing director of a prized female led accountancy firm and dedicated mum, Joanne Bell is a leading example of a modern business woman. Having worked her way up the ranks from the age of 18, Joanne is now a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians. Both credible and caring, she has cultivated an accountancy firm with modern values and a refreshing image. With ambitions to become the first sole director female led accountancy practice to make it into the top 100 hundred firms in the country; Joanne intends not only to set an example to her daughter, but to

A quirky 17th century building on London Road, is home to The Peacock Rooms, a beauty salon which is as unique as its location. Owner Sarah Rumsey purposely chose the setting, opposite Hoad’s Shoes as it fitted her own individual style and she knew it was the perfect place to set up her business in Sevenoaks in 2016. “The salon is very chilled and it’s decorated with a really colourful vibe to it”, Sarah explains, “that is me and I wanted my salon to reflect who I am”.[caption id="attachment_13302" align="aligncenter" width="225"] The Salon's very own living walls[/caption] As well as providing a relaxed

Sustainability, prudence and financial stability are just some of the core values woven into the fabric of Swedish born bank Handelsbanken. However, it is the personal and decentralised approach towards customers that makes this bank a true breath of fresh air within the Sevenoaks community. As a local relationship bank whose advice profits the customer’s needs first, Handelsbanken’s success is not one that needs to be excessively marketed, for its array of awards speaks volumes instead. Just to name a few is their top rating for satisfaction twelve years running (EPSI Rating, 2009 - 2020), and top-scoring for a commercial

Strengthening community bonds and developing the local economy is what has remained at the heart of The Sevenoaks and District Chamber since it first established in 1911. It was initially set up as a trader’s association for the Market town following a meeting of several town businessman to discuss the prospect of replacing gas lamps with electrical lighting.  Despite the deferral of this decision, at the same gathering it was agreed to urge the Council to stop fairs being held in Bligh’s Meadow to the detriment of local business.  Sparking a collective interest in the town’s future, the meeting promoted

Having practiced Family law since qualifying in 2009, Sarah Johnston is now an indispensable addition to the team at Manak Solicitors in Sevenoaks. Sarah has provided friendly and refreshing solutions to often delicate family disputes since joining the firm in 2019.  With three young children of her own, Sarah combines empathy with professionalism to prioritise the interests of all those involved.As a local resident, Sarah has become familiar with many aspects of the Sevenoaks area, from schools to the ever changing property market.  With her husband Steve serving as a coach and player at the Sevenoaks rugby club, fresh community

In the UK, there is £50 billion in lost or forgotten money. Three Sevenoaks-based entrepreneurs have launched 'Gretel', a new online financial hub built to help reconnect you with your lost or forgotten money.