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The Better Body Group: A gym for every-body

Situated in the up and coming area of Bat and Ball, with the recently refurbished station and Bat and Ball centre, the Better Body Group is conveniently located at the Sevenoaks Enterprise Centre. Anyone attending the gym has the added bonus of free parking, a rare perk in Sevenoaks. Proudly offering a unique and nurturing environment for everyone who walks through their doors, regardless of age, medical condition, weight or goal, the gym’s bespoke services and friendly atmosphere ensures everyone is well looked after.

Everything about Better Body is designed to make individuals feel comfortable and safe. With gyms generally renowned for being a little daunting, there has been much thought woven into the gym’s subtleties in order to put people at ease. From design features like the gym floor being separate from the reception, the free weights area separated from the main training floor, to having minimal mirrors, encourages confidence which is one of the main priorities at Better Body, something that has been highlighted many times. Jason Crow, Better Body’s Managing Director, recalls how a client once described our business as, “The expertise of a flight cockpit in the comfort of your front room”, and to this day he feels this is the best description he’s ever heard and is an experience that the team constantly aspire to deliver.

With years of expertise, the team at Better Body know just how important it is for a new client to feel comfortable at the start of their health and fitness journey. Starting with a screening with a trained professional, each new individual meets with one of the team’s most experienced members in order to assess their goals and to be able to place them with the best suited trainer. From the get go, Better Body will undoubtedly strive to find the best route to get you to where you need to be, and they consistently succeed at getting you there, they really do get results.

Made up of seven departments with three levels of post-graduate qualified trainers, each specialising in specific areas, such as post-pregnancy, menopause and gate analysis; their meticulous and tailored approach ensures they are capable of training everyone, both physically and mentally. From providing a safe environment for young athletes which starts with children aged 12-18, to offering children with low self-esteem, eating disorders and dyspraxia, an outlet to boost self-worth and confidence; the trainers never tire of the tremendous sense of fulfilment they get when a client overcomes such barriers.


Allowing people to exercise who would otherwise not be able to is one of the main goals the team endeavors to accomplish. With rehab being one of the biggest departments, the team’s growing bank of knowledge and expertise provides exactly what people need in order to exercise better, and escape that ‘downward spiral’ often felt through injury or lack of exercise, thus enabling them to get back on the road to being active again. The team strive for a community feel and are recognized as one of the largest community groups in Sevenoaks, supporting clients who in turn support each other and the wider community. The reviews on their website from real residents of Sevenoaks are consistently supporting the ethos, expertise and quality of equipment and expertise.


If you would like to find out more about Better Body Group’s services, then get in touch with the team or alternatively take a visit, where you will be greeted by a friendly face and a promising solution to whatever your goal may be.


Unit 3, Sevenoaks Enterprise Centre Bat and Ball Road, Sevenoaks Kent, TN14 5AP


Tel: 01732 451979

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