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Sink into a Gong Bath – a sound healing experience for the mind, body and soul

People looking for a different way to unwind and de-stress are being invited to experience Gong Bath meditation. Its exponents claim the gongs, accompanied by a range of angelic and grounding sound healing instruments, have a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating effect on the mind, body and soul

Sessions are being held in Platt Memorial Hall in St Mary’s Platt near Sevenoaks (TN15 8FH) every second Friday of the month between 7:30pm-9pm starting on Friday 11 October.

Dawn McKelvie, who is leading the sessions, said: “A gong bath meditation is a wonderful opportunity to unwind and de-stress and doesn’t require you to do anything other than to get comfy and lay down with your eyes closed, whilst the therapeutic effects of the vast array of sounds wash over you.

“The gong is said to be the most effective and transformative sound healing tool that we have. Everything around us is made up of vibration, including you! This is why the frequencies of the gongs are able to retune you, bringing you back to your optimum state of wellbeing.

“Working on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, the gongs are able to take you out of disharmony and through entrainment realign you to a natural harmonious vibrational state.”

People taking part are asked to bring a pillow and a soft padded surface that they can lay on for one and a half hours. It is common for body temperatures to drop during a gong bath and so it is also advised that you also have a blanket, a duvet or sleeping bag plus, if necessary, thick socks and an eye mask

A gong bath is not recommended for those in the first three months of pregnancy or for those fitted with a pacemaker

For further information and to book a £20 session contact Dawn on 07554 069191.

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