Friday, April 12th, 2024

Memories of Sevenoaks buried in time capsule at Bat & Ball Station

by Abbie Huke

SEVERAL pieces of Sevenoaks history have been put in a time capsule for future generations and buried at Bat & Ball Station.

The station is currently being refurbished and the time capsule will be reopened in 2062 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of when Bat & Ball was originally built.

FUTURE PLANS: The time capsule items are put on display before being buries (Photo: Derek Medhurst)

The capsule has been buried under the floorboards in the station and during the ceremony the Mayor of Sevenoaks, Cllr Roderick Hogarth, thanked all those who are involved in the Bat & Ball Restoration project.

The time capsule contains a wide range of items such as a map of Sevenoaks town, a copy of  the Sevenoaks Chronicle, a train ticket, a Lottery ticket, coins, an HLF Bat & Ball Station leaflet, a Sevenoaks Town Council Annual Report and Northern Masterplan, Theis & Khan architect plans, a toy car, stickers, postcards and current press cuttings.

The capsule was engraved with the following message. ‘Sevenoaks Town Council provided this time capsule as part of the Bat & Ball Station refurbishment. 2018’.

The recent ceremony was also attended by Sevenoaks Town Councillors, members of Friends of Bat & Ball Station group and Sevenoaks Youth Council.

If you would like to find out more about the Bat & Ball Station Restoration Project, events taking place or volunteer opportunities go to:

BURIAL SERVICE: Sevenoaks Town Mayor Roderick Hogarth gets ready to put the time capsule under the floorboards watched on by Friends of Bat & Ball Station and other guests (Photo: Derek Medhurst)

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