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Meet Carin, the Swedish PT Girl

By serving up inspiration both in and out of the boxing ring, is it any wonder why Carin Soderberg has accumulated such a following? As the only female qualified England boxing coach in Sevenoaks, Carin’s unique and influential journey to where she is today offers many a taste of how finding your silver lining can truly transform your life, and the lives of others for the better.

Working as a personal trainer and a voluntary Boxing Coach at Sevenoaks Boxing Club was never a path that Carin imagined she would take. However, having been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and Celiac disease at the age of 33, it was clear to her that a lifestyle change was needed. From the hustle and bustle of life as a city worker, alongside juggling being a mum to two young toddlers, it was her diagnosis that was the catalyst for real change. This change began in the form of diet and exercise – an alternative that Carin opted for over medication.

A transformation inside and out

A tonic for the soul as much as for Carin’s condition, a lifestyle built on clean eating combined with regular sessions at Sevenoaks Boxing Club with owners Paul and Andy soon gave her a new zest for life. Motivated by the desire to overcome her illness, which Carin describes as her ‘super power’, she recalls how the sport has unpeeled many traits of her character that were previously suppressed. A sense of confidence, determination and pride now overshadow her previous shy demeanour. With an escalating passion and growing talent, Carin was soon training with amateur boxers. Commending the club for being ‘an amazing place’ and how ‘for the first time [she] felt like [she] belonged’, Carin’s new found sense of mental and physical freedom inspired her to capture the essence of self belief and determination by qualifying as a Personal Trainer at the age of 40.

At Sevenoaks Boxing Club

One of the core qualities of boxing is discipline, and its teaching of overcoming the self-imposed limitations of the mind. This is what prompted Carin to start her own business in 2019 in which Swedish PT Girl was born. This gave an outlet for her to inspire and help others who were dissatisfied with their lives the opportunity to thrive again, or in some cases, for the first time. Likewise to her clients, Carin has flourished by expanding her horizons and taking risks, which she credits to her strong belief that you should ‘follow your heart’. Not only does she continue to work full time in the city, regularly train her clients, volunteer as a coach at Sevenoaks Boxing Gym, but is also a single mum to two teenage boys; all of which are testament to her defiance of age and gender.

An acceptance into both a male dominated sport and job in the city continues to inspire and motivate many women her age. This courage combined with a relatable vulnerability has since proven indispensable in helping her clients regain their own sense of self worth. A strong advocate for embracing new opportunities, Carin believes in the importance of finding purpose, passion and discovering new directions. By unearthing this in others through her efforts as a PT, she regards her clients as her own inspiration. It is this symbiotic relationship that enables her to get back what she gives.

Soon to be showcasing her talents in the ring, Carin will fight in her final bout in March 2022. By no means will she be hanging up her gloves anytime soon, instead she will continue to help others get fighting fit both physically and mentally with her weekly classes at Sevenoaks Box Fit, her Ladies Boxing Nights, as well as encouraging new and existing clients to work towards their goals of a fitter, healthier and happier way of life

To get in touch with Carin, visit her website: www.swedishptgirl.com or check out her Instagram:@swedishptgirl

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