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Laura Trott becomes first woman MP to represent Sevenoaks following 2019 election

My Sevenoaks Community has attempted to remain a politics-free zone during the build up to the 2019 Parliamentary General Election which was held on Thursday 12 December, but now the votes have been counted we can reveal the result was as follows:

Laura Trott (pictured) of the Conservative Party has been elected to represent Sevenoaks. She is the first woman to represent the constituency.

The results were:

Sean Edward FINCH – Libertarian Party
295 votes

Paulette Rosetta FURSE – Independent
695 votes

Seamus William John MCCAULEY – Labour Party
6,946 votes

Laura TROTT – The Conservative Party Candidate
30,932 votes

Paul Francis WHARTON – The Green Party
1,974 votes

Gareth WILLIS – Liberal Democrats
10,114 votes

The result was declared by Returning Officer Dr. Pav Ramewal. The turnout for the election was 71.35%.

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