Friday, June 14th, 2024

Invicta National Academy Keeps Children Learning Through Lockdown

Not a day goes by without some sort of grim news about children’s mental health deteriorating throughout this third lockdown. Here in Sevenoaks, one of our own home-grown local charities may have the answer! Home-grown Invicta National Academy has been providing FREE live, online lessons throughout the third lockdown to help children learn but also to give them more confidence and make them feel better about themselves when they do finally go back to school. Only 50% of state school children are currently getting live lessons so if you would like your children to benefit should go to and try out any of the FREE, live lessons.

Local schools have been exemplary in supplying work for the children to do at home and the BBC have also been doing a great job broad-casting three hours of lockdown learning per day. However, those parents who have cottoned on to Sevenoaks-born, FREE, online, Invicta National Academy, have been doing even better because – a key factor – their children are attending lessons which are not only live, they are interactive and led by qualified teachers accomplished in online teaching. They have been going since July 2020 and have already delivered a million minutes of lessons.  Described by parents as a “live-line” and a “Godsend” and praised by the Prime Minister as “brilliant”, signing up for Invicta lessons could not be easier.

Just go on the website and hit the big red button – KEEP BRITAIN LEARNING –

Following the national curriculum every day all Invicta children join a Maths class at 10am followed by an English class at 11 am with two teaching professionals in every class.  Children can see both the teacher and the lesson facilitator (teaching assistant) and, most importantly, they can do the digital equivalent of putting their hand up and asking a question – and having it answered.


If I were a child, what would be most important of all to me would be the knowledge that the teacher was there in real time ready to help me and answer my questions and knew that I was there and attending the lesson.  Invicta pupils absolutely love getting shout-outs and answering questions, but without the worry of anybody else in the class seeing the answers.  Some children are coming out of their shell and engaging with education for the first time!

Lessons have just gone up for the two weeks after half-term after which the FREE programme will have to come to an end.

If you have had enough of home-schooling don’t delay and help your children get ahead with Invicta today!


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