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Incident at Sevenoaks recreation ground could mean dogs having to be kept on leads in public parks in the future

THE TOWN Council has acted swiftly to ensure that it is safe for people to use Greatness Recreation Ground in Sevenoaks following an incident when a man had to hospitalised after being attacked by a dog on Sunday (22 April).

This week the council arranged for there to be a security presence at the recreation ground on a daily basis until  the police determine what action is needed. Plus the authority has officially requested that Sevenoaks District Council put in place a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to restrict temporarily or permanently access to anyone whose dog is considered dangerous.  This PSPO will enable the police to take action to remove the individual, forcibly if necessary.

A statement released by the Town Council said: “We are aware that there are concerns by local residents that if action is not taken such an incident could occur again.

“The Town Council always wants to ensure that all of its facilities are safe and inviting for community use whether this be buildings or public open spaces.”

Cllr Andrew Eyre added that he and the town clerk had been in close contact with the family involved in the attack to assure them the council will do all that it can to prevent such an incident happening again in the future.

As a longer term measure the Town Council will consider consulting on whether dog owners should be required to keep their dogs on leads in public parks and this will be discussed at the next Open Spaces & Leisure Committee.

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  • Its about time something was done about the out of control dogs at Greatness, I stopped walking my dogs there years ago as was worried about their safety and felt it was only a matter of time before a person got seriously hurt.

    May 1, 2018

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