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How to style your Christmas tree

Do you love to cover every inch of your Christmas tree with lights, baubles and tinsel? Or do you prefer the more natural look? Here, Sevenoaks interior designer Cate Sorour gives some pointers on the best way to dress your tree

1. Be inspired

Use Pinterest or other image sources to inspire your design and colour scheme ahead of time. Having a clear idea of the style you want to achieve, helps you to eliminate various options, while saving you time and money in the long run.

2. Consider you colour palette

If you want to achieve a timeless, classic aesthetic buy a variety of decorations, but use a maximum of four colours for the overall scheme- ensuring all decorations fall within the chosen colour. If you are working towards a bold, quirky and colourful scheme then you have a little more leeway but I’d still recommend you choose a dominant colour and add accents colours to compliment it. Again, by choosing a colour before-hand you’ll shop smarter and be less tempted to buy just anything that catches your eye.

3. Start with the lights

Hang the lights first, keeping them on while you do. Start from the bottom working your way round and up, stringing them over a branch then under the next. Hang them further back- towards the centre of the tree. This makes the lights more subtle, and provides space for the other decorations to be hung.

4. Hang the garlands next

Find garlands with crystals, beads or other details to add interest and fill up the gaps between branches. Placing them close to the lights- allows the details on the garland to sparkle and shine brightly.

5. Decoration placement

Start with the largest decorations and baubles first, to ensure there is space for them. Place them at the bottom of the tree, before working your way up to mid-point – where you will start to hang the smaller decorations.

By placing larger decorations further down- you visually ground the tree within its interior providing scale and balance. Arranging decorations in scale, from small (at the top) to large (at the bottom) is visually easier on the eye and subconsciously makes you feel more relaxed.

6. Mix ‘em up

Don’t cluster similar decorations, but spread them out evenly to add interest and balance. I advise, mentally dividing the tree up in to four sections, and hanging the various decorations accordingly- this allows for an even spread and creates symmetry.

7. Give sentimental pieces pride of place

We all have those decorations that are more sentimental than others, so give them pride of place on the tree – for all to see. As animal lovers, we always hang up this little Scottie dog to symbolise all the lost and abandoned dogs out there who we hope will find loving homes.

8. Take a step back

Throughout the process it’s important to keep stepping back away from the tree to take it all in. This will highlight any areas that need your attention, so you can spread the decorations out, fill in any gaps and make adjustments for the lighting to shine through.

9. Tree skirt or tree collar

The debate is out on this one, but I prefer the softness of a tree skirt to place gifts on (I think it looks better on photo’s too)! Either way, with such a beautifully decorated tree- you’ll want to hide the base and any wires hanging from it.

10. Reward your efforts

With your favourite beverage in hand, toast the mammoth task you’ve just undertaken. Call in all the family to ooh and ahh over how fabulous the tree looks. Bask in the glory.

As it’s the Festive Season, I have a bonus tip for you:

11. Skip all of the above

Start with toasting the occasion (bubbly is my suggestion), put your feet up and let the children get to work decorating the tree any which way they like – because you know it’ll be coming down in a matter of weeks!

Happy Holidays to you all.

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