Saturday, March 28th, 2020

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If you’ve ever spotted a wild animal in trouble and wished you could help this guide is for you… Rachel at has very kindly written us this Wildlife Rescue Guide. Here she covers the practical steps you can take to help injured wildlife by running through the most common scenarios – including how to pick the animal up.The Three Approaches to Wildlife Rescue There are three approaches to helping wildlife and it can be hard to choose the right course of action, especially if you’re stressed and nervous. If in doubt, call a wildlife rescue centre for advice. Leave it alone.

Have you thought about having your own allotment? There are currently plots available at Quaker’s Hall Allotments in Sevenoaks.

Sevenoaks interior designer Cate Sorour provides some top tips for couples who can’t agree on what ‘look’ they want for their home

The places we live and work can have a huge impact on both our mental and physical health.

Sevenoaks interior designer Cate Sorour reports from this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week where more than 200 exhibitors display the latest collections, products, materials and finishes.

Do you love to cover every inch of your Christmas tree with lights, baubles and tinsel? Or do you prefer the more natural look? Here, Sevenoaks interior designer Cate Sorour gives some pointers on the best way to dress your tree

A NEW network, known as Sevenoaks Crafters, has been set up to help people explore and learn new practical skills.

You have found the house of your dreams and secured the funding necessary to buy it.  All you need to do now is find a conveyancer, but who should you use?

IF YOU want to brighten up your bathroom or little boys – and girls – room then take a look at the beautifully designed Harwood washbasin, the latest addition to the Thomas Crapper collection.

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