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Happy 100th birthday Harry

Harry makes his way to the birthday celebrations.

FOLLOWING the recent post on My Sevenoaks Community about the invitation to join Harry Garrett’s 100th birthday celebrations last Friday, here are a few photos from the day itself.

A tree was planted at the Pontoise Close play area in Riverhead and many local residents and other well wishers turned out on the day.

Harry is a well-known locally and is often seen out in the town, proudly wearing his medals, collecting money for charity and selling poppies.

For many years he has kept a watching eye on the Pontoise play area close to Bradbourne Lakes and reported any faults or concerns about the park to the Town Council. His vigilance has gained him the name of ‘Sheriff of Pontoise’.

Three cheers for Harry

In honour of the duty he has given to his Country and his town, Sevenoaks Town Council proposes to convey upon him the honorary title of Freeman of Sevenoaks.

  • Do you know any other Sevenoaks residents who are celebrating their 100th birthday this year? If so, please let us know by contacting:

Harry with his spade after he helped plant the tree in honour of his 100th birthday.

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