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Get fighting fit at Sevenoaks Boxing Club

With its old school ethos of self-sufficiency and an emphasis on ‘giving’ and not ‘taking’, Sevenoaks boxing club is a worthy community based enterprise. Founded by Paul Lynch and now run alongside his nephew Andy Knight, the duo are as passionate about boxing as they are about serving the local community. Having earned the title as Kent ABA Middle Weight Champion in 1982, and with qualifications as a level 2 boxing coach, level 3 PT, and a qualified sports masseur, Paul certainly knows how to get his clients ‘fighting fit’. Following in his uncle’s footsteps, Andy also holds a title as Kent ABA Middle Weight Champion in 2010, and is a fully qualified fitness instructor and a level 2 boxing coach for professionals and amateurs. Pushing people beyond their limits to achieve both mental and physical goals is what motivates and inspires Andy and Paul. Like the sport itself, a strong sense of dedication lies at the heart of the club. This is reflected through the management committee, volunteers and loyal members which enables the club to run without any external funding.

Andy and Paul

Investing in mental and physical health is paramount to both Paul and Andy, and is something they strive to do in every session they take. With the pandemic having closed gyms across the country, the build up of anxiety and uncertainty was something that took its toll on many individual’s mental health. However, with lockdown easing, the club have noticed a considerable surge in interest among both juniors and seniors looking to learn the core disciplines of boxing, amateurs hoping to step up to competition level, or simply those wishing to gain strength and fitness in a fun and structured environment. Whatever an individual’s goal is when they walk through the doors at Sevenoaks Boxing Club, everyone leaves having learned something about themselves, whilst appreciating the essence of boxing – which is a ‘physical battle played out according to the self-imposed limitations of the mind’.

Packing a punch during training

Limitations is something that Paul and Andy are passionate about overcoming, and this motivational mindset is evident in their involvement in coaching local youth as well as their adapted sessions for the residents at local care home Cheshire Homes. Not only does the club value community spirit, but combined with their tight family ethics, the club omits a sense of humbleness and familiarity. With the recent addition of their new cafe, Ken’s Corner, named in honour of Paul’s late father, visitors are now welcome to drop by for a cup of coffee and relax alongside the tranquil stream without having to work up a sweat!

If you would like to find out more or get in touch with the team at Sevenoaks Boxing Club, then visit their website:

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