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From Top Chef to Your New Local Fishmonger. Meet Greg Chester.

From highly accomplished chef to soon to be local Fishmonger, Greg Chester is transferring his passion for food by opening a fishmongers in Sevenoaks town on June 15th. Having worked in some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in the UK, Greg’s wealth of experience and knowledge has amplified his appreciation for the best and freshest quality ingredients. It is this quality and freshness combined with a warm smile that he will be serving the customers of Sevenoaks this summer.

A career as a chef had always been an enduring ambition for Greg since his home economics lessons provided an outlet to execute his creativity and bring to life an array of ingredients. At the tender age of 14 Greg stepped into the world of work with a part time job at his local fishmongers in Paddock Wood. His career and talent soon went from strength to strength having had the privilege to work at restaurants and hotels such as Gordon Ramsey’s Royal Hospital Road Chelsea, Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir in Oxfordshire, The Brew House in Tunbridge Wells and Chapter One in Farnborough to name a few.


Greg then decided to explore a different side of the industry becoming a private chef to Royalty, heads of state and high profile celebrities. Having embraced the opportunity to travel, network and channel his creative culinary skills he decided that the time was now fitting to set up his own business in order to balance a better work and home life. With an opportunity to fill the gap in the market in Sevenoaks with a wet fish shop, he wasted no time in purchasing what was the old butchers shop opposite the Stag Theatre. Now to be the towns new supplier of sustainably sourced freshly caught fish, Greg anticipates  bringing back the tradition, quality and nostalgia of a market town once again.

With a strong distain for supermarket gas flushed fish, he is determined to highlight the importance of using the finest ingredients. This is why 95% of his supplies will come from experienced and sustainable fisherman off the coast of Devon and Cornwall, with the other 5% to be chosen by Greg himself from Billingsgate Market. Boasting an A grade certificate for our waters cleanliness and purity, this will offer his customers the creme de la creme of fresh fish and seafood.



By offering such a wide range of fish, Greg is excited to give people a chance to try new varieties, as well as sharing his knowledge as a chef in order to advise on simple and delicious ways to cook fish and seafood. Holding a deep fondness for Sevenoaks and its inhabitants, he is looking forward to its close community feel and speaking to the many foodie minded locals who appreciate good quality fresh produce. He noted that an opportunity to join the town as a business is like the ‘jewel in the crown’. It is without a doubt THE FISH SHOP will be a firm favourite of many and somewhere they can look forward to picking up the ‘catch of the day’!


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