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Empowering Women Through Self Defence

It is not news that stereotypes have long been engrained into the mindsets of many cultures, with men inherently considered powerful, and women more so the weaker sex. These assumptions are what contributes to the lingering shadow of fear that is cast over many females throughout their lives. With the recent unsettling news of Sarah Everard’s abduction and murder, it is no wonder that young girls and women often feel helpless and vulnerable, mere prey to the predatory men who dare commit such heinous crimes.

Nevertheless, like any change implemented within society, education is surely key. The powerful slogan ‘protect your daughter, educate your son’ was one that flooded many social media platforms during the revelations of Sarah’s murder. This message is one that has since resonated with many. However, as evident in Sarah’s case, parents will not always be there to protect their daughters. It is therefore crucially important that young girls and women are taught how to protect themselves and avoid such vulnerable situations at any stage in their life. Potentially one of the most valuable tools any women can learn is the art of self defence. In a world where survival of the fittest is unfortunately still applicable, unearthing female capabilities and strength is vital, and something which is expertly achieved by Oaks Martial Arts club in Sevenoaks. 

Paving a path to greater self awareness and equality for women in sport is at the heart of this inspiring club. Among the team of dedicated instructors is Alison, a 6th degree Taekwon-Do black belt, and her daughter Mollie, a 3rd degree Taekwon-Do black belt, who both share an enduring passion for the sport. The dynamic duo often attend local Scouts and Cubs clubs to help break the mould of this traditionally male dominated sport. However, with lockdown still ongoing, the pair are excited to host a virtual 45 minute zoom session this Sunday, to continue their quest in raising awareness, combating stereotypes, and spreading the message of female strength.


Prevention is one of the key components that the seminar will focus on. With an overwhelming number of women and girls feeling obliged to engage in conversations and situations they are not comfortable with, Alison and Mollie regularly emphasise the importance of walking away. A concept that sounds very simple, yet often challenging for many women to execute. Equally imperative to limit vulnerability are the next two elements, which are to resolve and manage a situation. These three steps are indispensable knowledge and should undoubtably be learned by as many women as possible. More so, the fact this seminar will be taught from female perspectives will encourage the message of self awareness and self defence to reverberate deeper to their audience. However, even for a single detail to touch the surface of a member is a bonus, as Alison noted, these seminars are considered ‘a success if just one point resonates’.

The opportunity to absorb these valuable awareness strategies and self defence techniques are thus highly desired, and rightly so. With inspirational women like Alison and Mollie encouraging and affirming female strength within the local community, young girls and women need look no further for a chance to learn what they are truly capable of.


Hopeful for the reemergence of community life post lockdown, the club anticipates future follow up sessions where members can put into practice their new found capabilities in order to deal with a situation should it later arise. That situation is one that no one wants to encounter, yet it is still a distant hope for women to live in a society where the streets are no longer perceived as intimidating runways only to be catcalled at, or whereby walking home from work, exercising, or a trip to the shop is no longer feared. However, by harnessing such skills as self defence which Alison and Mollie will be discussing, young girls and women will be better equipped with the power to reclaim the streets and the freedom that they so rightly deserve. 

To find out more, or to join Alison and Mollie’s seminar then follow the link

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