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Do you need help finding your way through the online property market maze when buying or selling a home?

Selling your home can be a daunting prospect these days as there are legal processes and a pile of paperwork to complete. There is also a great deal of form filling and this is usually completed online which can be another hurdle, particularly to the elderly who may not be IT savvy. Help is at hand from Louisa Lowe who has launched Moving Down, a company which specialises is assisting people through the house-moving and downsizing procedure. Here she provides a few tips and points out a few pitfalls to look out for

Filling out forms and providing information through property websites can be intimidating if you are not ‘internet savvy’.

IF YOU are rattling around in a large house and thinking of downsizing the whole process can be very daunting.  It may be that you are not ‘online’ or website savvy so access to all the options on the internet are not really accessible to you.  Maybe you have an ipad to read this but really would prefer to deal with a real person. Imagine having such a person to help you.

There is so much to think about but generally there is process to follow and these are the first matters you need to think about:

  1. Decluttering – it always easier to sell a house if it is not too cluttered. There is a fine line between being cosy and homely and overcrowded. I do understand that when downsizing some precious items will move with you and others will go to new homes. Have a think about what is important you and then speak to me as I have someone I can recommend to help you. I do not underestimate this part of the process and do understand the memories and feelings of leaving a home where a family have lived for very many years.
  2. Staging – getting the house look its best. We have all seen the moving house programmes with a make-over changing the whole look and feel of the house. If a home design is needed, then I can recommend someone. Often, after the decluttering, it is not a full make over that is needed just a few things moved about and some fresh flowers. If more work is required like a coat of paint, then I can recommend someone to you.
  3. Instructing an estate agent – who to use? With a vast range of homes and agents it is important to find someone who knows your type of home and can suggest a realistic price. Remember that some estate agents are better at modern houses, some specialise in older houses and some like the more quirky ones. I can help you find the right agent for you. Often it is better to get two or three quotes so that you can get a feel for the agent and their method of working. Remember that the estate agent acts for the seller only, that’s you and their main role is to introduce a buyer who can buy your property for the correct price. A good estate agent will advise you about your property and the best way to market it. Are you going to do the viewings yourself or give the agents a key? Not only that you need to make sure you pay the correct commission rate and know the agreement you are signing up to. I can help with this.
  4. Instructing a Solicitor. The estate agents will want you to use their favourite firm which may be largely online and not suitable for you. I can recommend a firm for you. I will help you with the process sort out their ID requirements and the paperwork to get you started. You will get a huge package of papers to complete so ask someone who really knows the correct way to fill in the forms. This avoids all kinds of problems and questions later. It is best to get this sorted out at the start, so you are ready to go when a buyer is found.

Now that you are really getting to that stage to welcome prospective buyers to view your home and its time think about the sort of new home or location that is suitable for you.  Again, I am here to help so talk to me and read my blog on finding a new home.

Louisa Lowe

07747 792276


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